• Dear Ed,
    Just to say thanks for the really great newsletters – they are the best around in my opinion. I am only 6 months after my first gold purchase (still amazed I didn’t catch on earlier); an entirely new world to me – but better to know the truth in these crazy times. Thanks also for addressing me ‘dear reader’ – it reminds me of better times past!

    - Jonathan K.
  • Thanks for doing such a tremendous job. I took the leap of joining Casey’s Club a few months ago and I am finally confident that I will be able to generate real wealth in the financial markets.
    Thanks again

    - Paul
  • I recently became your newest subscriber to The Casey Report. I’m looking forward to a long a prosperous relationship.

    I just wanted to take a moment and say thanks. You’ve had an impact on my life and my worldview, and it’s had nothing to do with your investment advice.

    - Jason A.
  • Casey’s Daily Dispatch has some of the wisest financial counseling I have read. Really enjoyed Vedran’s comments. And thanks to your financial guidance I netted a 27% gain in 09! Keep up the great work guys–Casey Research has got it goin on!

    - Curt S.
  • As usual, I enjoyed the recent issue of BIG GOLD and especially appreciated the ‘clue-oriented’ analysis of how to evaluate buying opportunities. Kudos to Jeff Clark for an excellent report that focuses so solidly on the psyche of investors and subscribers.

    - Bob D.
  • I am a new subscriber and am I impressed. I have been a long time subscriber to Stansberry and Associates newsletters and have read Jeff Clark a number of times in Daily Wealth. When the offer came out last month to get Casey’s Gold and Resource Report for such a great price I couldn’t resist. In January I got your annual review (Jan Issue) and was blown away. That issue alone was worth the $39.

    Then today I receive Issue 2 and again am overwhelmed. Jeff’s analysis and writing are fantastic. I know I need to add to my gold holdings and this guidance is just what I needed. I can’t wait for the next Issue and for the remainder of the year. Keep it up. I am telling my friends about this.

    - Terry
  • First, as a subscriber, let me say thanks for all you do. Your newsletters, observations, and advice are my financial north star and, as such, I was hoping you might help with a question. Following your advice in The ABCs of Investing in Canadian Stocks, I have just transferred my online portfolio (a dozen Canadian Jr. miners) from Ameritrade to Scottrade, since with them I can trade direct on the Canadian Exchanges.

    - Richard B.
  • I have to send you a note about my personal experience with Brett Resources. After the crash, I didn’t lose faith in Casey Research, but like many, I had the wind taken out of the sails a bit {to say the least}. I was one of the fellows who wrote you that deflation had to happen. You even published my letter in the Room. Deflation did happen, but your point of impending longer term inflation was also accurate. Timing is a bear, isn’t it. I’m using stop-limits now, hopefully to cushion another fall in stocks should that occur. I am a smarter investor/speculator now, thanks to following everyone’s advice from Casey, and our humble portfolio has recovered pretty well. But I have to say that the little blurb in one of the Rooms in October of 2008 when you mentioned the severely undervalued price of Brett Resources finally got my attention, and I am grateful I had the fortitude to take the hint. We are looking at a 450% return plus the principal. Now, it’s not a profit until you take it. In our IRA’s buying and selling is of no consequence at tax time. But in one account, we have let it go, hence the 450% return. I think the commentary today about Brett on Casey’s website is sound. Recover your initial investment. Good idea.

    If I were you, I would be bragging a bit more about an example like Brett. You fellows really are my kind of businessmen. You seem to have a rare case of integrity. Because I believe in progress, someday, people like you will be running the show. Mark my words. Now if there is one fault anyone could find with you, it would be your cynical edge. But I understand. I really shouldn’t call it a fault as I am certainly much more that way than I was 25 years ago. Covering your own assets is your specialty, and that’s important. Holding out hope that the world at large, politically, socially, economically is going to somehow reform itself is wishful thinking, I know. However,I do think that there are evolutionary forces that are beyond human comprehension that propel humanity forward, in spite of appearances. Again, I hope we are all pleasantly surprised someday.

    Thanks for your great advice and your terrific writing!

    - Victor K.
  • Just a quick note to pass on my gratitude to the folks at Casey Research. I had bought & recently sold shares of Brett Resources, Exeter Resources, and Romarco Minerals, and made 2-fold, 4-fold, and 6-fold respectively. It took some patience, as well as nerves of steel during the liquidation period of 2008, but as you know better than most… that’s what it takes to make money after the folks at Casey Research do the homework in the field for us.

    Thanks again!

    - Mark F.
  • I simply wanted to express my great satisfaction with Conversations with Casey. This is a fantastic idea. I absolutely love reading Doug’s ideas every week. What a treasure trove of knowledge and insight! Keep up the good work. Also, I would add that I’m very grateful CR finally started the Casey Club… what a fantastic deal! It’s worth every penny!

    - Chris M.