Our Experts

Doug Casey

Doug CaseyFounder, Casey Research

Best-selling author, world-renowned speculator, and libertarian philosopher Doug Casey has garnered a well-earned reputation for his erudite (and often controversial) insights into politics, economics, and investment markets.

Nick Giambruno

Nick GiambrunoChief Analyst, The Casey Report and Crisis Investing

Nick Giambruno is Doug Casey’s globetrotting colleague. He’s also the Chief Analyst of Casey Research’s flagship advisory, The Casey Report and its premium “value investing” advisory, Crisis Investing.

John Pangere

John PangereSenior Analyst, Strategic Investor and Strategic Trader

John Pangere, CFA, is senior analyst for Strategic Investor and Strategic Trader. Each month, he teams up with David Forest to tell readers what’s happening in the world and where to find the best ways to profit.

David Forest

David ForestEditor, International Speculator, Strategic Investor, and Strategic Trader.

Dave is a geologist and investor who has worked professionally in mining and petroleum for 20 years. He is the editor of International Speculator, Strategic Investor, and Strategic Trader.