Our Experts

Doug Casey

Doug CaseyFounder, Casey Research

Best-selling author, world-renowned speculator, and libertarian philosopher Doug Casey has garnered a well-earned reputation for his erudite (and often controversial) insights into politics, economics, and investment markets.

John Pangere

John PangereSenior Analyst, Strategic Investor and Strategic Trader

John Pangere is senior analyst for Strategic Investor and Strategic Trader. Each month, he tells readers what’s happening in the world and where to find the best ways to profit.

Andrey Dashkov

Andrey DashkovLead Analyst, Strategic Investor and Strategic Trader; co-editor, The Super Spike Advisory

Andrey Dashkov is an equity analyst with 15 years of combined experience in the newsletter industry and wealth management.

Amir Goren

Amir GorenSenior Technology Analyst, Casey Research

Amir Goren is a macroeconomist Ph.D with a specialty in International and Monetary macroeconomics. Before joining Casey Research, he worked for General Motors as an economist, in International Markets and Mobility.

Konstantin Ogurchenkov

Konstantin OgurchenkovCo-editor, The Super Spike Advisory

Konstantin Ogurchenkov holds a degree in finance and has nearly a decade of work experience in the newsletter industry.