The strategic investor always has a plan of attack. His strategy involves 4 steps: 1) Assess 2) Consolidate 3) Position 4) Speculate.

Doug Casey wrote the book on Strategic Investing in 1983. We touch on several key points he laid out back then. Most importantly, we make some crucial updates for today’s market.

As Doug said, a strategy is an overall plan for accomplishing an objective. It’s a word with military connotations…and that’s appropriate, since you are engaged in a battle—at a minimum, a battle for investment survival. That’s never been more important.

Right now, there is a huge shift happening in the markets…huge distortions that we are ready to take advantage of. Most investors ignore these… in fact, most can’t see them at all. They stick their money in an ETF and call it a day. Then they don’t understand why they’re perpetual losers. Value investors… trend followers… they also have blinders on.

Our advice allows you to emerge a victor from the financial battlefield of the future.

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