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Doug Casey

Doug Casey has been helping individual investors make smart moves with their money for more than 40 years.

Doug is a multimillionaire businessman and bestselling author who has visited more than 145 countries, invested in hundreds of business deals, and today owns more than 100,000 acres of land on three continents.

Along the way, Doug has analyzed and owned nearly every type of investment you can think of: real estate, bonds, currencies, commodities, stocks, and gold are just a few of the vehicles Doug has used to increase his wealth.

But of all the strategies Doug Casey has used, one stands head and shoulders above the rest for making huge returns in the market. It’s a strategy that helped him become very rich. Best of all, you can put it to work soon for your personal benefit.

After learning about this strategy, it’s likely that “conventional” investing will no longer hold any interest for you.

You’ll see why you don’t have to wait a decade to make huge, 100%+ returns in stocks...when you can make those gains in just a year.

Here’s how the strategy works…and how you can start using it immediately.

A Proven Method for
Generating Huge Returns

Most investors know the formula for market success is to “buy low and sell high.”

However, most people struggle in the market. They go years without making money for a simple reason: they don’t follow a systematic, proven strategy.

For more than 40 years, Doug Casey has followed such a strategy… and it has made him one of America’s richest people. It has earned him a wide following in the investment community.

Doug’s strategy is simple: Only buy assets during times of crisis… when you can get them for incredible discounts to their intrinsic values.

When you buy an asset at a 75% discount to its real worth, it can triple in value and still be down 25% from its high!

Doug even wrote a book about his approach: Crisis Investing. It was a runaway hit that spent weeks at #1 on the New York Times Best Sellers list.

For these reasons, many people see Doug as the “king” of crisis investing.

And it’s why the groundbreaking work of an independent researcher has made big waves among the world’s top investors…

Proof That Crisis Investing
Can Make You Rich

Meb Faber is a friend of Casey Research. He’s a brilliant researcher and one of the few truly original thinkers in finance.

Recently, Meb published a study about one of the most valuable ideas in finance – reversion to the mean.

Most every investor knows that nothing goes up forever.

Sooner or later, even the mightiest bull markets get old and overvalued. Eventually, "gravity" causes the market's momentum to slow, and then to reverse.

And when the market "reverts to the mean," stocks plummet.

Every investor who lived through the 1987 market crash, Russia's 1998 default, the Nasdaq decline of 2000-2002, or the mortgage meltdown of 2008 knows that every five to 10 years, something goes horribly wrong in the market.

It's common sense.

Trees don't grow to the sky. Sooner or later, every market "reverts to the mean."

Meb's idea is based on this.

Just like stocks don't go up forever, they don't go down forever, either.

Sooner or later, every bear market forms a bottom. Sooner or later, the last person left to sell actually sells. A market sinks to such an amazing level of value that investors pile in and send share prices higher.

With this in mind, Meb studied both whole countries (with an investable stock market) and asset classes (types of investments) to determine if they showed any patterns.

What he found is amazing…and proof that crisis investing can make you rich.

Crisis Investing

Meb studied five major stock markets’ data from 1903 until 2007.

He wanted to know what stock prices did on average in these markets after falling for three consecutive years.

Meb discovered that major stock markets rarely fall three years in a row. Three consecutive years of lower prices almost never happened – those instances occurred less than 3% of the time.

But when markets did fall three years in a row, the following bull market was extremely powerful.

The average return in stocks during the fourth year was more than 30%.

That's an incredible result, something that wouldn't happen by chance. This big move higher is caused by reversion to the mean, not chance.

When Meb studied asset classes, he found similar numbers.

After three years in a row of falling stock prices, the average return in the fourth year was 34%, almost three times higher than the average return of all the years in the study.

Again, statistical analysis tells us these are significant results, not just chance.

They're proof of mean reversion in stock prices. Buying assets that are down three years in a row is a powerful market strategy.

And Meb found a way to make the results even better…

Meb also researched the idea that mean reversion would lead to even more powerful stock rallies when the previous destruction of value was the greatest.

He studied countries with stock markets that declined by 80% or more.

On average, these countries saw their indexes rebound by nearly 120% in the three years that followed.

And that's not all...

Meb found the same type of huge rebounds in different industry groups, too.

He studied U.S. industry groups going back to the 1920s.

When a U.S. industry group fell by 80% or more from a peak, the average return three years later was more than 170%.

Crisis Investing

These statistics are amazing…and proof that investing in depressed markets leads to gigantic returns.

It’s common sense really.

When investors get extremely frustrated with an asset class, they abandon it. Prices decline to absurdly cheap levels. And just like the cycle of day and night, extreme bear market turns into extreme bull market.

Hundreds of percent gains follow.

This is why we created our elite research service Crisis Investing.

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