Investment Expert Reveals the Real Reason Why Billionaires Are Pulling Hundreds of Millions of Dollars from U.S. Banks and Stocks…


Dear Reader,

We’re standing on the precipice of what could be the biggest, most important, and most profitable gold bull market since 1933…

That’s because we are on the verge of an economic event unlike any the world has ever seen…

And in times of uncertainty, history shows the smart money almost always flees to gold.

In 1979-80, when inflation in most countries was running in double digits… Gold hit a record high of $850 per ounce…

In 2011, fueled by the great recession… and the greatest financial catastrophe of the 21st century… gold hit a record high of $1,900 per ounce…

As you will see, this coming crisis is unprecedented in economic history…

According to George Soros, the investor who famously made $1 billion by correctly predicting the Black Wednesday UK currency collapse, this crisis has been "unfolding in slow motion…”

But since the “Brexit,” the world is now racing towards it

Billionaires are pulling cash from U.S. stocks and banks in preparation…

They’re moving hundreds of millions of dollars to one surprising safe haven that very few U.S. investors are taking full of advantage of…


Because the world’s richest individuals know something big is coming.

Carl Icahn, the American business magnate worth $21 billion, has sold billions’ worth of stocks this year.

(Including his entire stake in Apple.)

He said he’s preparing his portfolio for a “day of reckoning.”

5 billionaires—Stanley Druckenmiller, Paul Singer, Li-Ka Shing, David Einhorn, and George Soros—have all moved money out of U.S. banks and the U.S. dollar…

Soros has put two massive “short” positions (2.1 million shares and 1.9 million shares) against the S&P 500.  In other words, he’s making a major bet that the U.S. stock market will crash.  

He said:

When I look at the financial markets, there is a serious challenge which reminds me of the crisis we had in 2008.”


The world is running into something that it doesn’t know how to handle.”

Other notable billionaires, including Ray Dalio and John Paulson, have been taking drastic measures with their own portfolios.

What are these billionaires preparing for?

Below, I explain exactly what they’re doing… the event they’re preparing for… why they’re doing it now… and the first step you need to take to prepare yourself…

However, I must warn you: There is one – and only one – “backdoor” way I know of that will allow you to prepare alongside these billionaires… It’s a relatively new “loophole” less than 1% of U.S. investors know about, and even fewer are taking full advantage of…

However, this loophole may not remain open long…

It may last another year or only a few months… I have no way of knowing.

So if you want to take advantage, you must act now.

Here are the details…

What These Billionaires
Are Preparing For…

Unknown to most Americans, even before the BREXIT, some of the richest and most influential investors in the world have been betting big on gold.

Stanley Druckenmiller – who averaged a 30% average annual return between 1986 and 2010, and helped George Soros manage the Quantum Fund – has invested $300 million (a sizeable portion of his family’s personal money) in gold.

John Paulson – the man who netted one of the biggest fortunes in Wall Street history ($3 billion) when he bet against the housing market in 2007 – has taken a $900 million position in gold…

Ray Dalio, the founder of Bridgewater Associates – the largest private hedge fund in the world, with more than $150 billion under management – has invested millions of dollars in three gold mining companies: Newmont Mining, Barrick Gold and Goldcorp.

One of the world’s most well-known authorities on resource investing, best-selling investment author Douglas R. Casey, who made millions in gold and mining stocks during the epic bull runs of the 1980s and early 2000s, just invested more than $800,000 in gold stocks in December – one of the biggest speculations he’s ever made.

The former president of Goldman Sachs, John Thornton – a Harvard, Yale, and Oxford graduate – retired from Wall Street, leaving his $10-million-a-year position to become the most senior executive at Barrick Gold, one of the world’s highest-producing gold miners.

This is the first time in history a president at Goldman has left the firm to go run a gold mining company.

And it’s also one of the only times in recent memory so many shrewd investors are on the same page about what to do with their money…

George Soros recently dumped 37% of his U.S. stocks and bet $264 million on gold…

David Einhorn’s fund holds about 10% of its value in gold bullion…

Billionaire Paul Singer recently told Institutional Investor he’s “very bullish on gold, which,” he says “is under-owned by investors around the world.

If you're like me, I'm sure right now you're probably asking yourself: “What do these guys know that I don't?”

“Why are they so convinced about gold they’ve put millions of dollars of their money on the line?”

And…“Is there still time to get in?”

That's what's so important about this "loophole" I'm going to share with you today…

Once you have access, it allows you to buy gold at a significant discount to the price it trades at practically everywhere else…and you can access it from anywhere in the world.

Over the next few minutes, what I plan to do is very simply explain why the gold price is about to go THROUGH THE ROOF… And then I’ll show you exactly how you can take advantage of a very important, but temporary, loophole in the gold market TO MAKE EVEN MORE MONEY WHEN IT EXPLODES HIGHER…

This loophole will allow you to legally buy real “hold-in-your-hand” gold cheaper than it’s advertised almost everywhere in the world…

From my research, I can tell you the gold you get this way is significantly cheaper than buying certain types of gold from the American Precious Metals Exchange (APMEX), the U.S. Mint…and every other gold dealer I've ever heard of.

At today's prices, it’s like getting two free grams of gold (completely free) every time you buy one ounce…

This is an incredible opportunity…one no investor who has ever bought gold (or thought about buying gold) will want to pass up…

It allows you to buy in at a substantially lower price… So you don't have to worry about “missing out” on gold’s latest run-up, because you can get in cheaper than almost everyone else. The prices are so low, this website is almost giving you a second chance to buy gold at “yesterday’s prices.”

And this is important. Because, you see, the big problem with buying gold is the dealer premiums…I called a dealer who advertises on Fox News and they offered me $100/oz over gold for a Krugerrand, one of the most common bullion coins.

Most dealers charge around this amount.

These premiums kill you, because you start every transaction under water. You need gold to jump at least $100 in price just to break even.

That's what makes this loophole I'm about to show you so amazing.

This gold is so cheap, you can buy it now and turn around and flip it on eBay 5 minutes from now for a profit.

From now on, this is the only way I'm personally buying gold.

And of course the good news is, even though it's almost up 20% for the year, gold still has plenty of upside…

That should come as no surprise to you, after we’ve seen gold run up more than $300 per ounce in response to “Brexit”.

But volatility and uncertainty over events in Europe are not the only reasons why gold is climbing…

The Real Reason These Billionaires Are Betting Big On Gold Now

While some experts are suggesting the gold price could triple from its current price of around $1,250 per ounce, I'm tipping gold could go much, much higher…

Perhaps $10,000 or more per ounce in the next few years.


The main reason why gold is rising right now is because of the fear over negative interest rates. Brexit aside, as more people become aware of the impact negative interest rates are going to have on our economy, the U.S. dollar, and the future direction of the U.S. stock market, it's only going to get worse.

As you probably already know, negative interest rates are the opposite of earning interest on your savings – they are a tax on your savings.

Instead of your bank paying you interest, your bank will charge you “extra fees” to hold on to your cash.

So if you have $100,000 in the bank, at a negative interest rate of 1%, the bank will charge you $1,000 to hold your cash.

The opposite is also true – if you have a $100,000 debt, the banks will pay you $1,000 interest on your debt.

Hard to believe, I know…

But this is where the insane economic policies of the Fed have led us…

A world where hard-working savers are punished, and debtors are rewarded.

It’s unprecedented. It’s insane. But it’s true.

And it's not hard to imagine, right?

To the Fed, negative interest rates are like a get-out-of-jail-free card – they are one of the only forces in the world capable of eliminating the U.S. debt.

As backward as it sounds, it’s happening right now.

Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad reports two Belgian banks are paying people who have taken out mortgages.

The Wall Street Journal wrote about banks in Denmark and Sweden paying a Danish couple interest on their mortgage.

I know in a way, to a certain group of people, this will actually sound like a good thing… This bizarro policy paying down their unpayable debts… But don’t be fooled.

In a special report on April 15, The Wall Street Journal wrote:

“Central bankers are pushing deeper into the once unthinkable: negative interest rates…[and the] benefits and pitfalls are rippling around the world.”

So why are they doing this?

Quite simply, the central bankers are trying to do what they always do: manipulate people to spend, rather than save.


To “stimulate the economy” (and make themselves look good).

But the problem is negative interest rates are having the opposite effect.

In Japan, interest rates recently fell to negative 0.1%. So, on a savings account with $10,000, that’s a fee of just $10…

Not enough to trigger a panic, right?

I wouldn't have thought so, either…

But the news out of Japan is Japanese savers are pulling their money out of banks in record numbers…

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, elderly Japanese would rather stash their cash under the mattress than get hit with these fees.

And at hardware stores in Japan, $700 safes sold out – with waiting lists of over a month.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg reports consumer demand for gold in Japan has almost doubled. Japanese gold bar imports in March were up 36% alone. As people flee cash, they’re moving into gold.


In a special report, The World Gold Council said negative interest rates “may result in structurally higher demand for gold from central banks and investors alike.”

And what’s happening in Japan and Europe confirms it.

While these negative interest rates are widespread in Europe and Japan, Fed chair Janet Yellen also announced recently these measures are not “off the table” in the U.S.

She has even issued instructions for banks to begin running “stress tests” to see how they might cope with negative interest rates.

Ask yourself, would Yellen risk a panic and ask the banks to run these tests if there weren’t a real threat coming soon to a bank near you?

The Truth Is, We’re In Completely Uncharted Territory… No One Has Any Idea How The End Game Will Play Out

Some people will try to tell you negative interest rates will just be a “tax”…

But it will be FAR worse than any tax you could ever imagine…

And the truth is, negative interest rates have already arrived in the U.S…

The Wall Street Journal recently proved, when adjusted for inflation and income taxes, net after-tax ("real") U. S. interest rates have been negative for years, thanks to the artificial market rates manipulated by the Fed.

It turns out earning 0.01% in your checking account is the same as earning -3% when you factor in inflation.

And as anyone who shops at the supermarket knows, the Feds have been lying about the real inflation rate for years.

All This Insanity Is Pushing
The Price Of Gold Way Up

According to The World Gold Council, “In times of negative interest rates, gold returns tend to be twice as high as the long-term average.”

So it should come as no surprise that gold has just had its best start to the year since the bull market of 1979–80.

In the twelve months leading up to January 1980, gold rocketed from $240 an ounce to $850. (A 254% return).

Since January 2016, gold has already rocketed up $253.20 per ounce… breaking $1,304 during intra-day trading.

If you bought just 10 ounces of gold at the recent low of $1,050.80, you’re already up $2,532 in the first five months of this year.

And as negative rates continue spreading, this could be just the beginning…

Negative Interest Rates Are Driving People Out Of Cash And Into Gold

Here are just a handful of facts about gold the mainstream media isn’t reporting:

  1. China’s gold buying has increased 10X since 2010
    Last year, the Shanghai Gold Exchange made deliveries of 1,500 tons of gold in 6 months… More gold than was mined in the world at that same time.
  2. Swiss exports of gold to Hong Kong jumped 257% in December…
  3. U.S. Mint sales have increased a staggering amount…
    Year-on-year sales of American Gold Eagle Coins were up 221% in March, and 296% in April, when the Mint sold 93,000 one-ounce American Eagles…
  4. Central banks bought 648 tons of gold last year – after years of selling off gold reserves, central banks have begun buying gold in earnest again.
  5. Bloomberg reports consumer demand for gold in Japan has almost doubled (Japanese gold bar imports in March were up 36%).
  6. According to the World Gold Council, purchases of gold jewelry, small gold bars, and gold coins are at all-time highs…

The New Bull Market In Gold Has Already Begun…


Many experts are calling for a gold price many times higher than it is today.

Frank Porter Stansberry, the owner of one of the largest privately-owned investment research firms in the world recently told his subscribers in a live teleconference:

I personally believe the price of gold could be more than 10 times what it is today. And certain gold stocks could go up 10, 20 or even 50 times their current price.”Porter Stansberry
Founder & CEO of Stansberry Research

James Rickards, former CIA Asymmetric Warfare Advisor, economist, and author of the new book, The New Case for Gold, said:

While elites disparage gold at every opportunity, they are buying it, hoarding it, and preparing for the day when one’s gold determines one’s seat at the table…It’s past time to claim your seat with an asset allocation to physical gold, the implied non-deflationary price of gold is $10,000 per ounce.”James Rickards
Investment banker and Wall Street insider

This Could Be The Single Most Important Trade Of Your Life…

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