Dear Reader,

I get more investment analysis in my inbox every day than I can possibly read. But I always read Jared Dillian’s stuff as soon as I get it. Jared used to be a trader for Lehman Brothers. Now he trades for himself and writes about it. I hate the word “contrarian” because it’s overused, but Jared really is a contrarian. You won’t get his fresh perspective on the markets anywhere else.

He’s also a thoughtful writer, great at explaining why he thinks what he thinks. I just bought his book Street Freak: A Memoir of Money and Madness to read on an upcoming plane ride.

In the following article written exclusively for Casey Research readers, Jared questions the consensus opinion that lower oil prices are a good thing. People seem to think that lower gasoline prices will stimulate the economy by freeing up consumers to buy more iPhones and Chipotle burritos. But what about the market ramifications?

If you like what you read, check out Jared’s free weekly communiqué The 10th Man. It’s always full of good investment ideas. You can browse the archives at that link to read the past issues.

Happy holidays!

Dan Steinhart
Managing Editor of The Casey Report