Dear Reader,

Today we welcome back one of my favorite thinkers: economist and bond expert Lacy Hunt. Below Lacy shares his outlook for 2015 and tells us which two financial assets he expects to perform well this year.

I’ll point out that in last year’s 2014 forecast, Lacy predicted interest rates would decline. It was a lonely position; economists were darn near unanimous that rates would rise in 2014. Of course, Lacy turned out to be right, and the crowd was dead wrong.

I plucked this usually subscriber-only content from the recently published 2015 forecast edition of The Casey Report. Consider it a free sample; if you like what you read, you can get the rest of the 2015 forecast edition by taking The Casey Report for a risk-free test drive. I’ve reproduced the table of contents here to give you an idea of the diverse and high-caliber analysis in the issue.

Here’s Lacy.

Dan Steinhart
Managing Editor of The Casey Report