Daily Dispatch

Foreign Treasuries Purchases Update 3/11/05

Credit markets, like any market, are driven by supply and demand. Suppliers of credit are bond buyers, and the demand for credit comes from the debt issuers. All participate in the credit pool of the bond market.

Ross Beaty’s Induction Interview

XL: Your career in mining is, in a word, remarkable. Did you pattern your approach to business after anyone in particular?

There are a number of people in this business that I respect, and that I have learned from, but I'd have to give credit to my father as a role model. He was an entrepreneur who built...

Roman Shklanka’s Induction Interview

XL: Thank you again for joining our Explorers' League, and welcome.

It's my pleasure to be able to participate.

XL: Let's start with your background. Where are you from-and what kind of name is "Shklanka"?

I was raised in Saskatchewan, but my family is from Ukraine. I'm told the name is actually Polish, though, and I...