Daily Dispatch

Technical Talk—Weekend Edition 5/30/05

The U.S. dollar has moved up sharply and so has gold – again. What's happening here? The two are not supposed to move together. Maybe they're moving for different reasons, would you think? Let's not worry and just see what each are doing and go from there.

Canadian Market Round up – Week of May 27

The TSX Ventures Exchange, home to the most junior exploration issues, bucked its recent downward spiral by adding nearly 2.5% this past week. Here's the scoop on the movers and shakers.

Technical Talk—Mid-Week Review 5/26/05

There seemed to be very little happening in the gold business these past few days of the week, but let's check in anyway, otherwise I could just go back to bed. Looking at the chart, one just might get the impression that the down moves are petering out and gold just might be preparing for a thrust to the...

Canadian Market Round Up, Week of 5/20/05

This week in the Round Up: Stikine Gold in deep trouble. FNX hits more massive sulphide. Augusta Resource's mystery halt. QGX tries to climb out of the hole and more...

Technical Talk—Midweek Edition 5/19/05

Gold broke support, copper broke trend, US dollar climbing, but silver and oil holding; is there a trend here? Doesn't look like it, except for a general breakdown of the commodities, with some worse than others. Let's look at some in detail.

Japan and China Stop Buying US Debt

Asian central banks, the traditional financiers of US debt, are decreasing their holdings of Treasuries. Who's picking up the slack?