Daily Dispatch

South African takeover battle nearing end

The soap opera that is the Harmony (HMY.NY) battle for Gold Fields (GFI, NY) drags on with apparent stalemate, but is drawing towards a close.

$80 Oil—Here We Come!!

Reasons why the price of oil will not significantly pull back from today's levels and is likely to reach...


Buying Gold Stocks for Pennies on the Dollar

Using options, investors are able to buy stocks in major gold companies for pennies on the dollar.


Inside the Oil Sands Industry

An insider's view of Alberta's burgeoning oil sands industry from a recently retired engineer from one of Canada's leading...


Canadian Stocks -The Weekly Round Up

An end-of-the-week round up of news on Canadian resource stocks posted after the close of trading each Friday.


Too Late for Coal?

Coal - and coal stocks - have had an impressive run-up since 2000. Will the trend continue?


The Fate of the Dollar

Doug Casey explains his mid- to long-term views on the U.S. dollar (it's going down the drain) and, by...