Daily Dispatch

Money is Gold, and Gold is a Noble Metal

Civilization must involve more than one person. Indeed, the greater number of people and the diversity of what they each do and produce determines of the "level" of civilization by virtually anybody's standards.

Interview with Ross Beaty

XL: Your career in mining is, in a word, remarkable. Did you pattern your approach to business after anyone...


Molybdenum’s Perfect Storm

Molybdenum was one of last year's hottest markets, gaining 1,300%. But little-known figures show that the run-up may not...


Bush and Greenspan as Catalysts to a Weaker Dollar

Will the coming retirement of America's top economist, and the appointment of his successor, mean hard times for the...


Foreign Central Banks Up Treasuries Buying

As new data on foreign investment pours in each week, I look to see whether the bail-out of our...


Canadian Market Round Up – 2/25/2005

A look at this week's movers and shakers in the Canadian resources industry.


What’s Moving the Silver Market?

For many investors, the silver market is a mysterious realm. In this KitcoCasey exclusive, silver analyst Jason Hommel gives...