Justin’s note: No one can buy low and sell high all the time. But master trader Jeff Clark doesn’t get upset when he misses out on the absolute top or bottom. It’s all about making money – no matter the market environment.

Today, he reveals why the key to investor longevity has nothing to do with making maximum gains on any single position.

He tells us why it’s more important to focus on consistent profits – which you can only do by not looking back…

By Jeff Clark, editor, Delta Report

“Don’t look back.”

That was the advice the angels gave to Lot and his family as they led them out of the city of Sodom, just before it was destroyed by the wrath of God.

Whatever happened to the city after he fled was no longer Lot’s concern. It was no longer any of his business. He couldn’t do anything about it.

So “don’t look back” was the angel’s way of saying, “Look forward. There’s nothing to gain by watching what happens behind you. Focus on your future and what’s ahead of you.”

As the Bible tells us, Lot’s wife wasn’t all that good at following directions. She couldn’t resist the temptation to look back and see what happened to the city she just left. And she was turned into a pillar of salt.

Why salt? Who knows? Maybe it’s because too much salt can lead to high blood pressure and heart problems. Maybe it’s because a pillar of salt is fragile, yet immovable.

Whatever. The bottom line is: Lot’s wife shouldn’t have looked back. And neither should traders.

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Once you’ve exited a position – whether for a gain or a loss – it doesn’t matter what happens to that trade anymore. There’s nothing to be gained by looking back at it. Focus on the future and the opportunities in front of you.

If you look back, you run the same risks as Lot’s wife… Not that you’ll be turned into a pillar of salt, of course – but that you’ll be rendered fragile and immovable.

Think about this…

If you’ve taken a profit on a trade and then choose to look back at it, then one of two things will happen:

The position will reverse. You will have sold at the perfect time. And you’ll expect to be able to do that consistently in the future. This leads to overconfidence and the belief that you’ll always be able to get out of town just before the market gods unleash their wrath. This is a dangerous thought process.

Or the position will go on to even bigger profits. You will have sold too early. And even though you took a good profit on the trade, you’ll feel bad because you could’ve made so much more. This leads you to question every future trade. You’re more inclined to hang on longer than you should. And you may not be able to get out of town in time.

If you’ve taken a loss on the trade and look back at it, then even if the position continues falling, you’ll still feel bad about having taken a loss.

And if the position turns around and starts moving in your favor, then you’ll likely start hanging on to other losing trades longer than you should – hoping they’ll start moving in your favor as well.

So traders have nothing to gain from looking back at trades they’ve already exited. You can’t change your decision whether it’s proven brilliant or stupid. All looking back will do is paralyze you – like a pillar of salt – on future trades.

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It’s important to understand that longevity as a trader has nothing to do with achieving the maximum profit on any one position. It has to do with consistently taking profits on trades as they reach your price targets.

You’re never going to consistently buy at the low and sell at the high. Trying to do so will eventually lead to missing out on good trade setups and holding on to trades longer than you should.

So avoid the temptation of looking back at the trades you’ve exited. Be happy with your decision to get out of town. Focus on the future and don’t look back.

Lot and his family left Sodom and prospered in the neighboring town of Zoar. Lot’s wife looked back and was turned into a pillar of salt.


Jeff Clark
Editor, Delta Report

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Reader Mailbag

One reader shares our excitement that the Crypto Winter is finally ending:

I’m already in on the crypto bull run!

I have about 42 open positions and in the last 24-48 hours my entire portfolio jumped up about 10-14%, with a little pullback today.

Frankly I’m sad I’m not sitting on a bunch more cash because I would just keep throwing it down if I could. Particularly on Bitcoin when it pulls back. I not only consider it good speculation but a good way to store some wealth away.

Thanks as always for these updates – they help keep my focus and confidence in a very volatile and difficult market. Yet it’s a market that I actually understand so I do much better in this space than in the highly manipulated circus of a “market” that is the stock market.

– Brendan

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