Kevin Campbell joined Haywood Securities in February 2007 and now has more than a decade of experience in the financial industry. His nickname in the industry is “Haywood's Rain Maker.” Kevin has served in a variety of roles in his career, but since 2004 he has worked as an investment banker focusing on the mining sector. He works with issuers across a broad array of commodities and geographies, in both a financing and advisory capacity.

If you are investing in the junior mining sector, you have likely crossed paths with one of Kevin's deals where he has acted either as a financier or advisor. He has built an excellent track record of offering loyalty, creativity, and guidance to his clients in their progression along the public market's value chain. Kevin works closely alongside some of the biggest names in the resource sector, such as Lukas Lundin.

Years ago, we had dinner with Lukas Lundin, and Lukas' comment about him stuck with us for years to come: “Kevin Campbell is one of the hardest-working guys I've ever seen and I trust him 100%.” We don't think one can get a better recommendation than that.
Kevin and Marin have been on opposite sides of the financing and deal table a few times in the past, and we hold Kevin in very high regard—we have seen his skills first hand and are very impressed.

In this digital world, all brokers need to report their buying in a privateplacement. When you see Kevin's name on the wire, you may want to pay attention. We do.

But Kevin's dedication goes way beyond his business successes. He is heavily involved in charity works focused on Africa; he serves on the board of directors of the Lundin Foundation and started his own charitable foundation, the Lochmaddy Foundation, which pursues investments for programs intended to meet basic needs and create livelihoods. Kevin is also on the board of the Vancouver International Film Festival.