By David Forest, editor, Casey Daily Dispatch

David Forest

Big news out of Europe this week.

We got wind of developments showing the Super Spike window is progressing by the book.

As a reminder, there are several reasons why Super Spikes make investors rich. The sheer size of gains is a big factor. Individual hard assets – oil, silver, and sugar, to name a few – can spike hundreds or thousands of percent.

Another advantage of Super Spikes is the repeating gains.

During Super Spike windows, we don’t just see one commodity rising. It’s common to see several hard assets go up. We get multiple chances for big gains.

Because of the massive profit potential, my team and I created a roadmap for these times. We looked at the patterns during previous Super Spikes. The goal was: figure out what assets move and when.

Industrial commodities usually go first. When the economy is humming, tech-related commodities tend to fly.

That’s where we are today. Electric vehicle (EV) related metals like nickel have been some of the top performers in recent months.

But it’s critical to keep an eye on the road ahead. We want to position for the next big spikes coming down the pipe.

That’s why this week’s news is so important…

Germany Is Suffering From High Energy Prices

Germany is on the brink of an economic collapse.

Here’s the headline news from Business Insider.


Note the reason behind the crisis.

Energy security.

Germany has been buffeted by high energy prices lately. Things were bad even before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Poor planning led to shortages and high prices for energy across the country.

Since the Russian invasion, things have grown absolutely dire.

Recent reports show German energy prices spiked over 87% in April alone. That includes an 88% increase in electricity costs. Natural gas spiked even more, rising a stunning 154% over the month.

This seems shocking. But it’s typical during Super Spikes. Rapidly rising energy prices have occurred in the middle of Super Spikes for decades.

Often, expensive energy is simply the result of a steaming economy. When business runs hot, energy demand rises.

We’ve had that happen in recent years. We also got another big Super Spike driver: surging money supply. Since COVID, governments have created trillions in new dollars around the world.

Those two things explain the rising prices. But my research shows that Super Spikes really kick into gear when combined with X-factor events. Unexpected disruptions send energy commodities into overdrive.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a classic example. European energy prices were high before the attack. Now, they’re threatening to explode.

That’s a signal we’re approaching the “second act” of the Super Spike window. I call this the Plunge phase. It sounds scary (and it is), but it also brings big profit opportunities if you play it right.

How the Plunge Phase Affects the Wider Economy

The Plunge is part of the natural progression of a Super Spike. Heated economies cause energy prices to soar.

Then comes the downturn.

Throughout history, spiking energy prices have hit economic growth hard. That’s exactly what we’re seeing in Germany today.

Expensive energy is tough on consumers. Prices for many German goods rose an astounding 33.5% in April.

Most buyers can’t adjust to a 33.5% bump in costs. They cut back their spending. That sends the economy into a tailspin.

That’s the plunge, in the wider economy.

For now, it’s just one country flashing warning signs. But other parts of Europe are showing the strain. Spain imported massive amounts of natural gas from America last month to try and cool energy prices.

These are signals that it’s time to start preparing for more Super Spikes. Energy commodities like natural gas, oil, and uranium are about to hit the spotlight.

Protect Your Wealth From Crises

This Wednesday, June 8 at 8 p.m. ET, I’m holding a special event to give you all the information you need to protect your wealth and harness these Super Spikes.

I’ll show you how they work, the profits they’ve made investors, and what the new Super Spike will look like.

Beyond that, I’m dedicating my inaugural issue of The Super Spike Advisory to energy. I’ll tell you why I think Europe’s sky-high energy prices could be coming to America (hint: it’s related to the huge Spanish natural gas imports I mentioned above).

I’ll recommend an American energy stock that’s poised to profit from the energy Super Spike. It’s a leader in a special niche of the energy business. It even pays a dividend that’s over 300% higher than the S&P 500.

If you’re looking for profits – or for protection from crises like Germany’s – I urge you to join me. There are tough times ahead, but if we play it right, we can protect our wealth… and even prosper.

Keep walking the path,


David Forest
Editor, Casey Daily Dispatch