By Chris Reilly, managing editor, Casey Daily Dispatch

“CBD has the potential to harm you.”

That’s a direct quote from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Monday.

It said there are many aspects of CBD (cannabidiol) that remain unknown… and that it can cause liver injury, drowsiness, and changes in mood.

As you can imagine, this sent shares of many CBD stocks tumbling… some as much as 5%.

Listen, I’m not here to tell you the FDA is wrong. Or to point out that every legal and illegal drug on the planet has potential side effects. (Although I do encourage you to read our founder Doug Casey’s piece here. He brings up many great points about why the organization should be abolished.)

Truth is, we’re still very early into the CBD megatrend. It’s one of the fastest-growing businesses in the world. And it would be foolish to hit the panic button right now.

So today, let’s focus on what we do know about CBD. Just as I explained yesterday, we need to keep the big picture in mind. And as you’ll see, this sell-off presents a great opportunity.

Details in a minute, but first…

• Let’s look at where we are today…

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that CBD is a compound in cannabis.

It doesn’t get people high like THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). But it does offer many health benefits.

People take it to treat anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain… you name it. There are countless examples that show it works.

I’ve seen it work firsthand. One of my close friends went from six prescription pills a day to zero after making the switch to CBD. According to Newsweek, one medical clinic reported that CBD relieved 90% of all symptoms in all its patients.

And in a groundbreaking move, last year in the U.S., the FDA approved a CBD-based prescription drug – Epidiolex – for the first time. The drug is used to treat seizures.

Clearly, there are a lot of positives surrounding CBD.

• This has taken the nation by storm…

Near our headquarters in Delray Beach, Florida, I can get CBD right across the street at our local pharmacy.

The shelves are chock-full of a variety of CBD products… with everything from gummies to inflammation creams and gels.

It even sells CBD brownies for $5.

And I can walk three minutes down the road to grab a CBD drink at our local coffee joint.

This is just within a small radius right outside my office. But make no mistake, this is happening all across the U.S.

So it’s no surprise that market research firm Brightfield Group projects that annual sales of CBD in the U.S. will grow from $600 million today to more than $23 billion by 2023.

That’s nearly a 40-fold increase.

• Importantly, people are taking notice…

Let’s look at the facts:

  • According to JAMA Network Open, Google searches for CBD are on pace to rise 118% this year compared to last year.

  • A recent Gallup study showed that nearly two-thirds of Americans are now familiar with the compound.

  • In fact, investment research firm Cowen & Co. says nearly 7% of Americans are now using CBD.

I expect all of these numbers to skyrocket as this trend gains momentum.

That’s why now’s the time to speculate on CBD stocks.

• Opportunities like this don’t come around often…

Look, I understand it’s hard to buy in the middle of negative news. But as we’ve shown you many times, that’s how you make the biggest profits. That’s what being a contrarian is all about.

CBD stocks have taken a beating… but this presents a great entry point into what looks to be one of the most explosive trends we’ll see in our lifetimes.

You may not get a better opportunity to get in.


Chris Reilly
Managing Editor, Casey Daily Dispatch

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