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That’s why we had to share this piece about Andy Krieger, a legendary multibillion-dollar trader who’s known by experts as “the most aggressive investor in history” – despite his extreme aversion to risk.

In fact, he once made $300 million… in a single day. And that isn’t even his biggest trade.

Since then, Andy stepped out of the limelight, leaving total chaos – and a complete market shutdown – in his wake.

Andy’s always been a bit of a mystery. But today, Imre Gams, Andy’s most trusted analyst, gives us a look inside the world of Wall Street’s most prolific trader…

Read on to see how you can gain access to his biggest trade ideas – completely free.

By Imre Gams, analyst, Andy Krieger Trading

It’s not often that a global market hinges on the decisions of just one trader…

In fact, I can’t think of a time that’s ever happened before.

Yet, on one day in 1988, a sole trader caused one of the world’s biggest markets to completely shut down for a few hours. And that trader’s name is Andy Krieger.

I’ll explain what led to his decision, and what happened afterwards, in a moment.

But first, a bit of important background…

Market Leader

Throughout his career, Andy regularly traded currency positions in excess of $500 million, and often in the billions.

Volumes like that, when executed at just the right time, can move any market. And Andy’s timing and feel for the market were fantastic.

As one source said, “When [Andy] makes a move, the news flies… and many dealers would move along with him. Somewhere along the way, he was put into the position of market leader.”

That’s just one reason – aside from his ingenious market calls and hugely profitable trades – why Andy has a legendary reputation in the currency markets.

And that’s why, when he unexpectedly decided to resign from his job on Wall Street on February 23, 1988, the currency options market shut down.

Suddenly and without warning… the currency-trading whiz, who regularly hit the spot and options markets with massive orders, was gone.

Where did he go? And why?

A Missing Oracle

Shortly thereafter, Andy emerged at Soros Fund Management, having accepted the offer to be George Soros’ successor.

Andy traded well for George, and had a good run while working there, but he decided that he really wanted to be his own boss… to be the master of his own destiny.

So he resigned.

After leaving Soros, Andy went into solitude, contemplating the next steps in his life and his career. He stopped speaking with the press and largely disappeared.

He’s a private guy to begin with… But during this period, Andy was 100% focused on self-reflection. This was consistent with his first love, the study of Buddhism and Indian philosophy. And he went to India and Bhutan to seek answers for some of the deep questions that were coursing through his mind.

His undergraduate years in college were spent studying philosophy, and he spent many years in graduate school studying Sanskrit, Bengali, and Arabic as he explored the mystical traditions of the east.

During a trip to Asia, Andy met with Buddhist lamas and Hindu yogis, wandered through the Himalayas, and waited for the quiet voice inside to give him the guidance and answers he was seeking.

After a while, he returned home. He felt a bit clearer, but still exhausted from the crazy schedule of trading 24 hours, five and a half days a week for years.

He decided it was time to also start taking care of his body, so he started running – a lot. He ran 10-15 miles every day, mixed in some swimming and biking… and started actually sleeping.

He continued to search for the answers to those deep, probing questions, and completely divorced himself from the usual routine of analyzing and trading markets. As he puts it, “I wanted to think about the kind of life I wanted to live.”

And for Andy, that meant staying far away from Wall Street.

But before long, the opportunities of the market called him back. Only this time, he was determined to do it differently.

Where Is He Now?

It’s been 32 years since Andy quit his job on Wall Street and shook the world.

After his stint traveling and reconnecting with his deepest passions, he began trading again. But he would never return to Wall Street.

Since then, he’s traded multibillion-dollar positions completely anonymously in the currency and commodities markets. And over the past 30 years, he maintains that only two of those years saw a negative return. Sure, he readily admits to some very rough patches and some absolutely awful trades, but overall, his trading was quite good. Not many traders can say this.

Nowadays, whenever there’s a big trade in the currency or commodities markets, some people still wonder if Andy is behind it.

And above all, everyone wants to know…

“What’s Andy Krieger thinking?”

“What big trade is he making right now?”

“When will we ever hear from him again?”

Andy’s Next Big Move

On February 20, 2020, he’s stepping back into the financial world’s limelight for the first time since he stopped writing for Forbes magazine almost two decades ago.

He’s agreed to a live interview to discuss what he sees as one of the biggest money-making opportunities he’s spotted since his $300 million profit shorting the New Zealand dollar in 1987.

In short, Andy recently spotted a very rare confluence of factors across multiple markets. And they’re ALL pointing to a singular, massive event that’s just months away. In 2007 and 2008, Andy’s audited trading returns show net gains of over 300% and 75%, respectively, so this must be something very special.

The result? A BIG Trade that Andy thinks has 30x upside potential for those that make the right moves at the right time.

And for those that don’t… Well, I won’t mince words. It could be very rough sailing.

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Best Regards,

Imre Gams
Analyst, Andy Krieger Trading