Dear Reader,

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the market, not a trader was stirring, not even a goldbug…

Well, maybe not. But many gold investors have grown rather quiet as 2013 comes to a close. So by way of a reminder that spring follows winter, especially in cyclical markets, Casey Metals Analyst Laurynas Vegys has collected some encouraging thoughts for us all.

We'll be taking a break from these daily dispatches until January 2, so I want to add my personal encouragement to all our readers—and thanks for your interest and frequent support.

May you all have wonderful holidays—whichever one(s) you celebrate—and may we all have a very, prosperous 2014!


Louis James
Senior Metals Investment Strategist
Casey Research

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One Year Ago
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Silver 19.42 19.83 29.61
Copper 3.28 3.17 3.53
Oil 99.32 93.34 90.13
Gold Producers (GDX) 20.53 22.85 45.07
Gold Junior Stocks (GDXJ) 29.28 33.38 80.84
Silver Stocks (SIL) 10.60 11.60 22.38
TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange) 13.399.60 13,430.01 12,388.71
TSX Venture 888.18 915.02 1,180.50