Nick Giambruno

Rare Earths Are Key to US-China Conflict

When there’s a crisis, most people only see danger. But it’s actually an opportunity… and the US-China tensions are presenting one today…

Drone Warfare Will Send Oil Higher

The market is being complacent in the face of the most significant attack on the global oil industry ever.

Vaping Crisis Presents Buying Opportunity

The outrage over vaping won’t last… but it’s giving investors a chance to buy in to a lucrative market…

A United Korea Will Open Up Investing Opportunities

A united Korea is a “when” not “if” scenario. And it will turn that region into an economic powerhouse.

The Dollar’s Decline Is Fueling the Gold Bull Market

This gold bull market is riding a huge, unstoppable trend: Gold is being re-monetized and is returning as money.

Middle East Tensions Could Trigger the Next Oil Shock

Tensions are flaring in the Middle East after a drone attack crippled Saudi Arabia’s oil supply. And that will...

Gold-Backed Cryptos Offer Alternative Method for Protecting Wealth

In a world of depreciating government fiat currencies, gold-backed digital currencies allow ordinary people to advance their financial freedom.