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Why Washington Insiders Are Suddenly Turning Bullish on Marijuana

Published April 23, 2018

This is a game changer…

Trump’s Deal With the Deep State

Published April 21, 2018

“Whenever there is a ‘populist’ movement in politics, it almost always leads to the military wing of the Deep State taking control.”

Doug Casey on the Demise of Nation States, Part 2

Published April 20, 2018

Will this replace governments completely?

Doug Casey on the Demise of Nation States

Published April 19, 2018

“I suspect that the U.S. won’t exist one hundred years from now”…

Why Half of the Country’s Banks Could Disappear

Published April 18, 2018

And why it’s setting up one of today’s top contrarian plays…

Prepare for the Last Bull Market of Our Lifetimes

Published April 17, 2018

Most people will miss this because they’re used to making “easy money.”

Why the Bull Market Will Be Over by November

Published April 16, 2018

Soon, “there’s a potential for a very powerful move.”

Two Key Lessons to Protect Your Wealth From Market Turmoil

Published April 14, 2018

Just like the Apples, Intels, and Oracles of today, we’ll look back on the market carnage of early 2018 with fond memories of being well-positioned to weather any storm.

A Major Jubilee Is Coming to America

Published April 13, 2018

A huge upset in American culture is coming…

Doug Casey on “Offensive” Words

Published April 12, 2018

“I really believe you’ve got to call a spade a spade. Tough luck if some cupcake thinks it’s a microaggression impinging on his safe space.”

How to Buy “Uber Cannibals” in Two Simple Steps

Published April 11, 2018

Following this strategy can be the difference between living off Social Security checks in retirement… and living the good life.

The Best Bet for U.S. Stocks

Published April 10, 2018

“There is a lot more ruin in the country than we thought.”

Why Do I Fail to Believe the Climate Scientists?

Published April 9, 2018

“When it comes to climate science, my BS sensor alarm goes off like a klaxon”…

America’s Two-Party System Is Done

Published April 7, 2018

There’s only one party now—and it’s becoming more powerful by the day…

Why This “Too Big to Fail” Bank Is Stockpiling Silver

Published April 6, 2018

All the signs are pointing to a truly explosive silver rally.

This Iconic American Company Is Fighting for Its Life

Published April 5, 2018

It’s do or die for Tesla.

Ready to Buy, Willing to Suffer

Published April 4, 2018

"The rubber band is about ready to snap back. And the brave traders buying now are ready to see that upside..."

Doug Casey on the Coming Comfortable Dystopia, Part 2

Published April 3, 2018

Could America soon roll out a social credit system?

Doug Casey on the Coming Comfortable Dystopia

Published April 2, 2018

Imagine not being able to board a plane because you forgot to pay your water bill… or being denied access to a train because you jaywalked.

The Blockchain Is About to Have Its “Internet Moment”

Published March 31, 2018

Just like the internet, when blockchains can seamlessly interact with each other, it will unleash a huge explosion in value...

Why This Billionaire Just Made a $500 Million Bet on Blockchain

Published March 30, 2018

The average person has no idea this is about to happen

Doug Casey on the World’s First Government-Backed Cryptocurrency, Part 2

Published March 29, 2018

Here’s how China could set the stage for the new digital economy…

Doug Casey on the World’s First Government-Backed Cryptocurrency

Published March 28, 2018

Venezuela just introduced its own cryptocurrency.

How to Profit From This Silent Killer

Published March 27, 2018

It’s starting to pummel America’s biggest companies—here’s what it means for you…

The Best Way to Profit This Earnings Season

Published March 26, 2018

Here’s how to make a fortune this upcoming earnings season.

What to Do With Your Money When Doom Awaits

Published March 24, 2018

No investment or allocation strategy can protect you from the worst type of financial calamity…but this is one good way of reducing the damage.

How the Deep State Robbed the Working Stiff

Published March 23, 2018

Here’s why “their fake-money system may soon explode”…

A “Chain Reaction” Will Begin Soon… Here’s How to Prepare

Published March 22, 2018

This is a serious warning. You can’t afford to take it lightly.

Speculate on This Obscure Metal Before It’s Too Late

Published March 21, 2018

It’s an all-out land grab.

Why You Shouldn’t Fear Self-Driving Cars

Published March 20, 2018

You should understand a couple of things before you develop an irrational fear of this technology…

Trump’s Tariffs Could Start a Real War

Published March 19, 2018

“Unfortunately, this probably won’t end well for Trump or the US.”

The Best Place to Find Value in Today’s Overvalued Market

Published March 17, 2018

“Now is a great time to be a stock picker”…

Doug Casey On Breaking Up the Tech Giants

Published March 16, 2018

Google, Amazon, and Facebook have supposedly become too powerful…

Teeka Tiwari on the Crypto “Kingmaker”—And Why It Pays to Listen to Him

Published March 15, 2018

This is another reason to get ready for bitcoin’s “second boom”…

Why Coors Has to Turn Itself Into a Marijuana Company

Published March 14, 2018

Coors can’t afford to just sit back. It will have to defend itself.

Teeka Tiwari on Bitcoin’s “Second Boom”

Published March 13, 2018

“We’re still in the early innings of the crypto bull run.”

Will Artificial Intelligences Be Good Guys or Bad Guys?

Published March 12, 2018

Initially, identical AGI robots could end up being Mother Theresa or a perfect sociopath, depending on who they learn from.

The Biggest Threat to Your Financial Well-Being

Published March 10, 2018

We’re in uncharted territory…

Doug Casey on the Coming War With China

Published March 9, 2018

“These things can take on a life of their own. I just hope we don’t have World War III in some form…"

Big Alcohol Hasn’t Been This Scared Since Prohibition

Published March 8, 2018

This is a grave threat to their businesses...

Trade Tariffs Will Not Make America Great Again

Published March 7, 2018

“We were looking for an example—undeniable, indisputable, and in-your-face, jackass—to illustrate how government actually works.”

Trump Won’t Back Down… Here’s How to Protect Your Wealth

Published March 6, 2018

A war has begun...

Doug Casey on Arming Teachers

Published March 5, 2018

“Making new laws against inanimate objects like guns is like welding shut the lid on a pressure cooker.”

The Fed Is About to Pop the Bubble in Stocks

Published March 3, 2018

Bill Bonner explains why “disaster could strike any day” as the Fed gets closer and closer to popping this massive bubble they created…

The Politically Correct Definition of Racism Is Racist

Published March 2, 2018

"Racism is a fire that the political class can’t put out..."

Why This Misunderstood Market Could Hold the World’s First $1 Trillion Company

Published March 1, 2018

One of the world’s most powerful financial institutions just made a game-changing acquisition…one that could soon send a tidal wave of capital into the cryptocurrency market.

How to Lose All Your Crypto Gains in 15 Minutes

Published February 28, 2018

Making huge gains in cryptos doesn’t mean anything if you don’t protect them.

Why Gold Stocks Could Soon Deliver “Crypto-Like” Gains

Published February 27, 2018

They could even deliver “crypto-like” returns in the coming months…

The Beginning of the End of Disease

Published February 26, 2018

"Hands down, this is one of the most exciting investing opportunities I’ve seen in my career."

Chung Kuo

Published February 24, 2018

Pretty soon, America will lose its title as the world's biggest and most important economy…

Health Insurance Is the Problem, Not the Solution

Published February 23, 2018

The term “health insurance” is a lie…

Investors Take Notice—Apple Just Rattled the Metals Market

Published February 22, 2018

Apple just threw out the playbook.

Doug Casey on Executive Orders

Published February 21, 2018

“Nobody's property is safe anywhere.”

How to Lose $4 Million in the Blink of an Eye

Published February 20, 2018

Many investors are making a huge mistake right now…

Americans Are “Skint”

Published February 19, 2018

Without savings, progress stops… and then reverses.

How Will You Feel Next Month?

Published February 17, 2018

"I have a single-frame comic strip taped to the bottom right-hand corner of my desk."

Doug Casey on Why Gold Could Go “Hyperbolic”

Published February 16, 2018

Here’s why Doug thinks gold could go 6-to-1 from here…

Why a 73% Jump in Nine Days Is Just the Beginning for Bitcoin

Published February 15, 2018

Big banks just did a complete 180 on cryptocurrencies…

The Next Commodities Supercycle Is Getting Started

Published February 14, 2018

And it’s not too late to get in…

Teeka Tiwari on Why This News Means Cryptos Are Here to Stay

Published February 13, 2018

Here’s why the future is still bright for this emerging asset class…

How to Profit in One of the World’s Most Volatile Markets

Published February 12, 2018

Don’t let this major opportunity pass you by…

Why Fear in the Crypto Market Is Overblown

Published February 10, 2018

"I think it’s an overreaction to assume that all governments want to destroy the crypto asset market…"

Doug Casey on Making a Crisis Your Friend

Published February 9, 2018

Today, we’re pulling back the curtain on Doug Casey’s most successful investing strategy…

Why This Rally Could Soon Turn Into a “Full-Blown Mania”

Published February 8, 2018

It could spark an explosive rally in one of the world’s most depressed assets…

Three Steps to Prepare Your Portfolio for a Stock Market Crash

Published February 7, 2018

If you follow these three key points, you’ll get through better than most everyone else.

Get Ready for a Seven-Year Bear Market

Published February 6, 2018

The U.S. dollar could be stuck in this downturn until 2025.

Doug Casey on Anarchy and Voluntaryism

Published February 5, 2018

“It’s going to become very unpleasant in the US at some point soon. It seems to me the inevitable is becoming imminent.”

The Two Keys to Trouncing the Market

Published February 3, 2018

If your goal is not merely to beat the index, but to trounce the thing and make it irrelevant, this is a must read…

Wall Street’s Black Box Just Issued a Chilling Warning

Published February 2, 2018

Most of the time, this kind of stuff is just noise. I write it off. But this is different…

The Antidote to Optimism

Published February 1, 2018

It is always brightest before they turn the lights out.

The Clear Winner in the EV Revolution

Published January 31, 2018

I was biking along a beach road in Tulum, Mexico when I caught a glimpse of the future out of the corner of my eye…

Guess Who Just Went “All In” on This Megatrend

Published January 30, 2018

Just like a century ago, this revolution will radically change the world for the better.

Doug Casey on Uranium—“It Could Easily Quadruple”

Published January 29, 2018

Over the years, Doug’s made a fortune for his readers in this unique market… and he sees another major rally shaping up today.

An “Extreme Warning” From Our Doom Index

Published January 27, 2018

Today, Bill Bonner issues another warning…

Why Tesla’s Stock Could Soon Hit Zero

Published January 26, 2018

Tesla is running out of time...

Stocks Could Fall 80% From Here

Published January 25, 2018

The last time we saw anything comparable was at the end of the 1990s.

My Latest Trip: Ground Zero of the U.S. Marijuana Boom

Published January 24, 2018

Investors who take these steps will set themselves up for huge returns in the coming years.

The Secret to Thriving in 2018

Published January 23, 2018

This will help you get in the right frame of mind…

The Best Buying Opportunity Since 2002

Published January 22, 2018

You can’t afford to ignore this…

What CNBC Won’t Tell You About the Biggest Opportunity of the Current Millennium

Published January 20, 2018

My research shows they’re missing a crucial point.

How to Profit From the 2018 Dollar Crash

Published January 19, 2018

The U.S. dollar just had its worst year in 14 years…and it looks like things will only get worse from here…

The Only Bet I’ll Make in Today’s Market

Published January 18, 2018

Sometimes it takes longer than we might want it to, but the rubber band just about always snaps back…

The One Reason the Crypto Crash Is Temporary

Published January 17, 2018

As an investor, it needs to be on your radar…

Doug Casey on the “Green Gold” Rush

Published January 16, 2018

“The marijuana market is going to get hot”…

An Era of Energy Dominance Has Begun…Here’s How to Profit

Published January 15, 2018

This opportunity won’t last much longer. In fact, the buying window could soon slam shut.

These Companies Will Be the Biggest Winners From Trump’s Tax Cuts

Published January 13, 2018

Tax reform will be a continuing story this year. And it will be a tailwind for these types of companies.

Doug Casey on Controversial Buzzwords, Part II

Published January 12, 2018

“Hopefully, this interview inspires some people to start thinking for themselves again.”

Doug Casey on Controversial Buzzwords, Part I

Published January 11, 2018

These days, most people only think what they’re supposed to think…

Read This Before You Even Think About Buying a Marijuana Stock

Published January 10, 2018

But you must understand something before you invest a dime in this industry.

Buy Cryptos Before the World Figures This Out

Published January 9, 2018

This experience reminded of how obsolete cash is…

Huge Legal Marijuana Profits Up for Grabs

Published January 8, 2018

Legal marijuana is presenting a truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for investors right now.

The 2018 Cannabis Boom

Published January 6, 2018

Marijuana stocks are in the early innings of a mega bull market…and they’re showing no sign of slowing down.

Why Sessions Can’t Stop This Marijuana Boom

Published January 5, 2018

Dispatch readers aren’t used to seeing marijuana stocks falling…

Trump’s Latest Controversy Could Make This 2018’s Top Speculation

Published January 4, 2018

These cheap stocks are going to go much higher from here…

The US Legal Cannabis Market Just Doubled Overnight

Published January 3, 2018

Buying marijuana in California is now as easy as buying beer.

Your Last Chance to Get in on This Explosive Rally

Published January 2, 2018

If you didn’t get in on this trade in June, here’s your second chance…

How the Fake Boom Ends

Published January 1, 2018

Government is always a way for the few to exploit the many…

How I Retired at 42

Published December 30, 2017

"This experience changed how I looked at trading..."

Doug Casey on the World’s Biggest Revolution

Published December 29, 2017

Today, we’re wrapping up our holiday series by discussing South Korea’s recent “robot tax.”

Doug Casey on Asset Seizures

Published December 28, 2017

It's another major step towards the world of 1984.