Justin’s note: For months, Doug Casey searched for a crypto advisor worthy of Casey Research subscribers… and he recently found one—Marco Wutzer.

Marco is one of the pioneers of cryptocurrencies, and has been involved with digital currencies since the late 1990s—long before the current blockchain breakthrough.

And like Doug, he’s an “international man.” He made so much money from his early contrarian investments in digital currencies that he dropped everything and traveled the world… while heading a group of top crypto developers and investors.

It’s pretty clear why Doug handpicked him to head up our newest premium advisory, Disruptive Profits, which is dedicated to explosive projects in the blockchain space.

Marco says now is the time to get in… So this week in the Dispatch, we’re running a special blockchain series so you can learn everything you need to know about this up-and-coming space.

To kick things off, we hand the reins to Marco…

By Marco Wutzer, editor, Disruptive Profits

When I first started working with blockchain technology in Argentina back in 2010, it was still a new frontier.

Even I—as a true believer in individual sovereignty and decentralization—was skeptical. The technology was unproven, and there was no supporting infrastructure at all. User and merchant adoption was close to zero.

Today, we have a solid global blockchain foundation and pioneers are joining the new system, which I call the “Blockchain Ecosystem.”

Since 2013, the crypto economy has grown from $1.6 billion to $220 billion. That’s a 13,650% increase in just five years.

But despite the strides this ecosystem has made over the past decade, many people out there still aren’t convinced of the power of blockchain technology.

In fact, it is still quite common to hear famous investors calling cryptocurrencies a scam, fraud, Ponzi scheme, or bubble.

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The New Precious Metals

One reason many folks are skeptical of blockchain technology is that they have absolutely no idea of the magnitude of the change that is about to unfold.

On the financial side, one of the key benefits of blockchains is that the money supply of a cryptocurrency is strictly regulated.

The algorithm that defines the cryptocurrency determines how many new tokens can be mined with each block.

It also limits the maximum number of tokens that can ever be generated. Once that limit is reached, it’s no longer possible to mine additional tokens.

A lot of cryptocurrencies work similarly to precious metals. The supply increases by a small amount every year through mining.

Let’s use 3% as an example.

If new tokens are mined at a rate of 3% per year for many decades into the future, eventually, the maximum token supply will be reached, and no more tokens will be created.

However, when central banks “print money” and add trillions of additional currency units to the money supply, it means that more and more money is chasing the same amount of goods and services.

Prices go up, and your money is worth less.

But hyperinflation—like we are seeing in Venezuela now and have seen before in Zimbabwe, to name just two recent examples—is impossible with cryptocurrencies backed by blockchain technology.

There is no arbitrary increase in the money supply eroding your purchasing power. (And if you think this problem affects only Third World countries, even the mighty US dollar has lost well over 90% of its purchasing power since 1913.)

That’s why cryptocurrencies can give you peace of mind.

They allow you to save capital and plan for the future without the risk of your money suddenly being worth a lot less because more of it was created out of thin air.

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Unlimited Uses

But blockchain technology goes far beyond just money. For example, it is also making its way to communication.

There are now encrypted chat apps running on blockchains that guarantee your privacy. No longer do your private conversations need to run through the servers of a big corporation.

Social media is also moving to the blockchain. Established services such as Facebook and Twitter make a living off of analyzing your behavior and preferences—and then selling your data to advertisers for big profits.

In the Blockchain Ecosystem, you retain control of your personal information. Your data and your files are split into pieces, encrypted, and distributed across the network. No outside company can access and sell your information.

Your data is now also safe from hackers.

In a centralized system, a hacker needs to hack just one server. That’s how hackers stole Social Security numbers, birthdays, addresses, and driver’s license numbers from 145 million Americans when they hacked Equifax in 2017.

And it was not an isolated case. Such high-profile hacks happen all the time.

In a decentralized system, a hacker would need to hack the entire network instead of just one server. It’s basically impossible. That’s why a decentralized system is much more secure and your data is much safer.

Increasingly, the question won’t be which areas of our lives blockchain technology will affect, but which areas it won’t affect.

Of course, it is only natural to project current trends into the future in a linear fashion.

But just like with the steam engine, printing press, and internet, every once in a while, there are huge disruptions that shake things up and completely change the way we do things.

Blockchain technology is one of those disruptions.

A Rare Paradigm Shift

The trend is catching on. The Blockchain Ecosystem is growing fast.

We went from one blockchain (Bitcoin) to hundreds of blockchains. Soon there will be tens of thousands of blockchains.

Billions of investment dollars are pouring into the development of blockchain technology, making cryptocurrencies faster, cheaper, easier to use, and more scalable.

That’s why blockchain is no longer only about money. Far from it.

Now, blockchains are being developed for insurance, lending, social media, business supply chains, computing resources, machine learning, voting, medical records, virtual reality, real estate, gambling, power grids, and hundreds of other areas.

And as this global blockchain network develops and grows, it will become more valuable, more useful, and more powerful.

A very rare paradigm shift is taking place—one that gives you the opportunity to make extraordinary profits.

This is the kind of opportunity where a few thousand dollars can turn into so much money that you won’t need to worry about money ever again.

Are You Part of the 0.3%?

Let me leave you with this…

Most people have heard of cryptocurrencies by now. But how many people actually own them?

The answer might surprise you…

Only 0.3% of the world’s population owns cryptocurrencies today.

This little statistic is an extremely valuable piece of information. Here’s why…

If you get positioned in the next generation of crypto projects right now, you’ll profit from the biggest growth wave to hit the crypto market.

When the other 99.7% buys in—in other words, when mass adoption begins—we’ll see gains of a magnitude that dwarf even last year’s impressive rally.

That’s why now is the time to get in.


Marco Wutzer
Editor, Disruptive Profits

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