Published on January 03 2018

The US Legal Cannabis Market Just Doubled Overnight

Justin’s note: Regular Dispatch readers know a major moneymaking opportunity in marijuana stocks is staring us in the face right now. I’ve been traveling and covering all the details on this boom since last summer—and now, a specific catalyst is going to push the sector even higher.

Today, I’m featuring an urgent essay from Crisis Investing editor Nick Giambruno that explains all the details. Read on to see how you can make a killing in the months ahead…

By Nick Giambruno, editor, Crisis Investing

Buying marijuana in California is now as easy as buying beer.

On January 1, it finally became legal for adults age 21 and up to buy recreational cannabis in the state.

This was the true tipping point. It practically doubled the US legal cannabis market overnight.

Now that recreational pot is legal in California, the US legal marijuana market is expected to grow from $6.5 billion to $50 billion by 2026. That would make it the same size as the American craft beer and chocolate markets combined.

At this point, it’s nearly impossible to reverse the legalization trend—both in the US and globally. California is just too enormous in terms of people, money, and influence.

Think about it… the state has the world’s sixth largest economy. Only China, Japan, Germany, the UK, and the US as a whole are larger.

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The new jobs and desperately needed tax revenue (an estimated $1.4 billion annually) will make it politically impossible for the state’s government to roll back legalization.

Likewise, because of California’s sheer size, it will be politically and practically impossible for the US federal government to roll it back, either.

I expect many other US states to legalize recreational use in the near future, especially those with budget problems. (To date, 29 states have approved legalized medical marijuana and eight states have approved recreational use. Washington, DC, has also approved both.)

The end of marijuana prohibition in the US became inevitable the moment California voters decided to legalize recreational use. Reversing this trend now would be more difficult than pushing a 20,000-pound boulder back up a mountain with your bare hands.

However, most of Wall Street—and most US politicians—haven’t come to terms with this yet. Change is hard to accept, especially for pencil pushers.

That’s why the situation in California represents such a huge opportunity.

Investing in the nascent cannabis industry right now is like investing in the beer industry at the tail end of Prohibition.

Fortunes are going to be made. And you can be a part of that.

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The Birth of a $150 Billion Industry

The United Nations estimates the global cannabis market to be worth around $150 billion annually. I think that’s conservative.

For perspective, about $33 billion worth of coffee is produced annually. So, the marijuana market is about four or five times bigger than the coffee market.

It’s also bigger than the iron, copper, aluminum, silver, corn, and wheat markets. You can see how these commodity markets stack up in the chart below.

Until now, almost all of this money has been underground. But that’s about to change.

The end of marijuana prohibition means we can finally profit off marijuana without risking jail time.

Widespread marijuana legalization is inevitable. It’s happening. And it’s unleashing a $150 billion market that was once underground.

Those profits are up for grabs.

In the coming months, many investors will make life-changing fortunes as the marijuana market steps into the light.

For now, though, marijuana is still illegal in most places.

Up until recently, that made it virtually impossible for regular investors to cash in on the lucrative marijuana trade.

Prohibition has funneled billions of dollars in profits to drug lords, corrupt government officials, and thugs.

Those days are numbered…

I’ve never seen an opportunity with as much profit potential as legal marijuana has right now.

I think investors could make an absolute killing in the US “green rush.”


Nick Giambruno
Editor, Crisis Investing

P.S. Regardless what you think of marijuana, there’s little denying we’re at the start of the biggest marijuana mania of our lifetime.

Today’s tiny marijuana companies are poised to become the Amazons and Googles of pot in the years to come…making right now the best time to get in on the ground floor.

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Reader Mailbag

Today, readers let us know how they’re doing so far investing in marijuana stocks:

I bought a basket of four Canadian stocks six to eight weeks ago on Doug's general recommendation to buy cannabis companies and have been adding more on occasion. All are doing well, averaging about a 70% gain in six to eight weeks. Thanks, Doug


So far, so good, as nearly EVERY Canadian pot stock has gone up for me. Oh Canada!


Just warming up on marijuana stocks, so please keep us subscribers on top of good suggestions!


Invested in several Canadian and US marijuana stocks, dropping losers and adding others. Up 60% over 2 months.


And some more feedback on Doug’s interview on what will trigger bitcoin’s collapse:

Bitcoin may have "first-mover advantage" but I doubt it will last long. I believe Bitcoin Cash will overtake it in 2018 especially since Bitcoin Cash is focusing on low transaction costs, quick transaction time and especially acquiring merchants and doing everything to encourage using Bitcoin Cash for transactions big and small. It appears that bitcoin is focused on being a store of value for the rich people.


There's no limit to how high bitcoin can go measured in dollars—the dollar doesn't have a floor.