• Just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my subscription… The mutual fund report was very helpful, and I feel I got my
    money’s worth already.

    - Michael
  • On that note, I would like to say even during this mild correction (God, can you imagine gold was $640 only a few short months ago) in certain commodities I have still benefit very well from information I gathered at my first Crises Conference held only 6 weeks ago in Scottsdale. I walked away from your conference after looking into two of your presenters, CUM and CGH (I am not capable of following more then just a couple of stocks at any given time so I stay under diversified which is against your advice). I came home and dug around myself for more information then bought enough shares to have already paid for my trip to the desert 20 times over. Now that is what I call money well spent! Was it just luck? Perhaps, but I think if your out there kicking the ‘rocks’ and not just taking what your research staff provide you help create your own luck. I highlight rocks because I really no nothing about minerals. What I do understand is supply and demand and some of your ‘P’ theories. Without the right people in this market I think it will be very difficult to get even a very good project accepted by investors. Of course it also helps if you combine the right people with a project like CUM and CGH provide.
    ps since I wrote you after I visited the JIN 217 property last November I have to thank your team for their previous advise. Over the three years I have owned JIN we (my wife and kids) have pulled out 7 figures and still have the majority of our shares……go JIN go. Next week I will be having lunch with the soon to be new majority owner of JIN, China National Gold. Should be interesting eh!

    “A Happy Subscriber”

    - Michael B.
  • I would just like to express how fortunate I feel to have found the Casey group a few years ago. Having long ago thrown down the chains of modern portfolio theory, I have felt like an investment pariah in the investment advisor world and always end up drawn to those thinking “outside the box.” Thankfully, our clients stuck with me, as we wondered away from the paper herd towards the much smaller hard asset herd many years ago. I am an information hound and pretty much read all day long; newsletters, books, websites and articles from around the globe. I love what I do and I appreciate the fact that you guys at Casey are just as passionate about what you do. Like a little kid waiting at the mailbox for his coupon-clipping prize, I eagerly await the various monthly newsletters the Casey crew puts out. And not just for the stock recommendations, but more importantly to me, the thought process that goes before it– The macro before the micro. And my weeks not complete without sitting down Saturday morning with a cup of joe and your newsletter, “The Room.” So, hats off to all the Casey guys for making us outsiders feel at home and when’s the next conference. ☺

    - Steve H.
  • David
    Excellent survey of your investors, it has raised a few concerns as I am no longer the average and I am a Canadian.

    #12 Surprise: I’m in the top 5% with 7 figures – I started in 1999 with mid-5 figures (thanks Doug and company!!!)

    Where are the big investors? There should be more guys like me or are they not following the advice given?

    #13 100% of my stocks are with Casey Research.

    Yes, I have purchased bullion (could use more); property in Argentina; have a home and could afford a partial loss.
    It took a long time to find a good advisor, why are you suggesting diversifying advisors?
    #14 7% – I have been reading Doug’s books and newsletter since 1982 (26 years). In the early years, I did bits and pieces with Doug and other advisors and lost money and lost money again. It took a long long time to build up another very small nest egg. So I re-read old newsletters and analyzed where my mistakes were – I did not listen, did not understand and was impatient.

    When gold hit $252, it was time to jump in again, but this time I would listen, research what I did not understand and wait until Doug said buy or sell. It worked!!

    While researching what I did not understand, I became a Financial Advisor (CFP), now retired and doing what I want to do.

    Thanks again for everything!!!

    Happily Retired

    - Reg C.
  • “I’ve done a few clever things in my life but reading Casey Research now ranks way up there with regards to my investment discipline. Over the last couple of years I have been devouring your information which has been presented with a brand of consistent logic-based conviction that is virtually impossible to find. After embracing the clarity and completeness of the ongoing analysis, re: precious metals, the palpable excitement spilling from your reports with respect to the impending tide-shift in the price of gold pushed me over the edge. I am now well positioned to profit from this bull market with a clear first mover advantage and I owe you a debt of gratitude.”

    - Richard U.
  • Hi! Hope all is going well. Just a quick note to thank you again for facilitating my joining the Casey 50 group. Besides obviously coming up with some great investment opportunities the contacts that I’ve been able to make through the group and the conferences are very beneficial. I have opened accounts with Seth Allen, Dean Duke and Mike Marosits as a result of meeting them a Casey functions and being impressed. I feel that they are “investors that just happen to be brokers as well”; a rare breed in investment circles! Thanks again for all your help, it’s very much appreciated!

    - John H.
  • David-I discovered Doug 3 years ago by reading the Daily Reckoning. So I owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Bonner. Doug and the folks at Casey Research have had no small part in furthering my personal revolution (and evolution). Four years ago I was a staunch Dem wasting time and money on politicians and political causes. Today I am a libertarian with a streak of anarchism. I started buying gold six years, and with discipline and the help of you folks my speculations will allow me to retire from my own law firm by the end of this year. I have achieved intellectual and financial freedom. I might have achieved this eventually without the help of the Casey gang, but certainly not this quickly. Thanks.

    - Dominick G.
  • I am finally, after subscribing for the first time in about 1998, going to take a few minutes to tell Doug and everyone at Casey research how pleased I am with your work and the way you do business. Everything you do is top notch. Your web site is without a peer (of the dozens I have tried anyway). It is loaded with good information, easy to use, and easy to learn to use—very important for us old timers who struggle with the internet.

    I owe much of my retirement security to taking a small flier on IUC at .27 per share (a Doug Casey 1998 recommendation) and watching it climb to about $16 after becoming Denison Mining. A sincere thank you for your efforts.

    Another very big plus is that you do not pester your subscribers with an endless stream of advertising hype, unlike another group of prominently visible analysts. I sincerely like much of their work, but have recently pulled the plug, cancelling all my subscriptions with that group because they constantly bombard my email box with email advertising hype (despite my numerous requests that they stop it). Most readers simply do not have the time to search for the diamond in a mountain of dung.

    I commend and recommend your business model. It is excellent.

    P.S. Another Casey recommendation from the late 90’s was Gabriel Resources. Again, I made a small investment and watched it go from .60 to about $6.10 at which point I cashed out, getting a partial fill at what was, for a long time (and may still be), an all time high. Probably my greatest coup in the market – dumb luck, except for the Casey recommendation and the wisdom to act upon it.

    - William M.
  • Excerpt about Argentina:

    I visited Cafayate in November, though, which was quite enjoyable. I had already bought a lot, sight unseen, in Denver, but I rearranged my selections after having seen the area in person. It’s remarkably nice. I’m curious to see which lot I wind up with tomorrow. I’m planning on going back in July with the girlfriend, and probably
    visiting Uruguay too while I’m out and about.

    Excerpt about Without Borders:

    Keep up the good work with Without Borders – I was enjoying it enough last year to give a gift subscription to my sister for Christmas.

    - Joe M.
  • Mr. Galland, I, for one, can tell you that I am completely satisfied with International Speculator. I am not a big-money swinger like you and Mr. Casey, but in 2007 my fifteen International Speculator-recommended investments, which I continue to hold, are up an average of 66%, including three more-than-doubles in gold, silver, and copper.
    I will not be leaving International Speculator. There is too much to look forward to, too much to learn from you, and too much money to be made.

    - Duane S.