• David,

    I am an avid reader of your weekly perspectives and insights. You offer some much needed humor (if we don’t laugh, we’ll be crying!), and information that we cannot expect from the mainstream. I am not a sophisticated trader/investor, or evil speculator, but I did very well on your recommendation to PUT the EuroDollar, and I’m looking for a retracement, to get back in. I wish I had been keeping up when you recommended Natural Gas PUTS!

    - Ric W.
  • Hi David,

    I want to express my absolute pleasure when I read almost anything from your organization. I’ve been an investor for years and your reports are a breath of fresh air after all the PC notions and/or illogical ideas written by others.

    By the way, The International Man influenced me very much in my formative years.

    Keep up the great work.

    - Jim B.
  • Both Casey and Browne were the first exposure I had to what I’ll call “dispassionate” investors. Such investors don’t bias their portfolios due to love of country or political ideology. Doug’s influence was profound. If the situation was bad in the US he didn’t concern himself with how to make the best of a bad situation, but just take your money to a place where there’s a better situation. Good advice always makes perfect sense.

    - Jim B.
  • Hi David,

    Man, I gotta tell you just one thing – Great Job. Your July 4 piece is one of the best yet, and what can I say about the new offering? It is perfect to get Doug back in the writing mode, especially just now. I have missed his droll humor and in your face style, when mated with the irrefutable truth about the nature of things there are few who get it so well and then get it across so well, and they all seem to be working for you and Doug. I love it! It is great to have such valuable info right at my desk at home and know that it is as accurate and truthful as anything else out there. In reality, I read others who get it and can communicate it, but I would be hard pressed to put them all together against the Casey Team. No other group or individual gives more for less than you guys. One right after another, you have put together a unique organization that is truly in a class of its own, and I am fortunate to have been a part of it as subscriber, observer, student and friend since the very beginning.

    Your closing remarks about gurus believing in their own infallibility being a sure recipe for disaster might be applied to plain old niche investors like me. Shaking up the current mindset every so often is the best way to keep on one’s toes. New ideas can only mature into sound thinking if they are exposed to the fire of public examination and debate among smart, dissatisfied people. Doug has always looked at things from a unique perspective. He seeks truth from the source, and takes little for granted. I see the same drive for thoroughness, toughness and truth in the Casey Research Family (Phyle if you will), as I have come to expect from Doug himself. And now I have come to expect it from yourself, and the erudite yet down to earth staff you have assembled. I can personally give no higher endorsement to any group of individuals, and I have not done it more than a few times in my adult life. Congratulations!

    I look forward to the future with great hopes of using all of this 30 some years worth of studying the markets and their quirks by having my greatest success, when the world is teetering on the edge of chaos. It would not be this way had I not been influenced by one of my oldest and truest friends. And I can count many of my best friends as having been met because of Doug’s and in a way your own influence. Keep up the good work. There are many of us out here that feel the same.

    The first issue of the Casey Report was excellent. I am familiar with you and Doug, and I have grown very impressed with Bud since he joined in, but until today, I really didn’t know who Terry Coxon was, or how he fit in. His take on things and his style
    blew me away. What a breath of fresh air! My kind of guy. I would really like to see this guy in the flesh.

    ARGENTINA: I don’t think I’ll need to use any self defense protection where I am going. I will be able to spend my money on golfing, flying my electraflyer ultralite around the Estancia’s foothills and spending long evenings enjoying food, laughter, serious discussions and serious private label wines with old friends and new
    in a paradise far from the grimy cares of the world’s power mongers. Thanks for helping me to make it so.

    - Og
  • Doug and David,

    The first issue of The Casey Report must have taken a tremendous amount of work to prepare and I thank you for it. It was the best single issue of any newsletter you have ever done. I had to stop and write this email to tell you how much your hard work paid off. To do such a great job on the first issue of new newsletter is even harder to accomplish and you guys nailed it. Way to go and keep it up.

    - Dale S.
  • David: This is a great publication and I enjoyed it immensely. Have been a Casey follower for years, and although I only have a grade 9 education, was fortunate enough to build and manage an organization of 1100 employees in 4 divisions. My approach to investing is very simple and I follow all your Casey publications. Am heavy in both gold and uranium, with silver and some other metals. At 76, I am reluctant to try some of the suggestions you put forth in this edition, and so I stay with my mostly Casey recommendations which I follow very closely and have come to understand the issues you have spoken about over the years. During this downturn, I follow your guidance and stay put. Thank you to all your staff and Doug for doing a great job. Hope by staying very focused on that which I understand, I will be alright in the coming years. Keep up the great work.

    - Sandy & Bill W.
  • David,
    I rarely ever correspond with service subscriptions but I must comment on the new Casey Report. It is excellent! The Mideast SWF interview is worth the price of the whole year’s subscription. It provides insights not available anywhere to investors of my size.

    A hugely valuable input.

    Again, congratulations on what is and will be a hugely valuable and welcome information fount.

    - William F.
  • Thanks for the breath of fresh air. I love the “panel” format of several contributors. There were some parts that were a little too technical for me, like trying to understand inverted yield curves. But in those instances I try to comprehend what I can, and then take in the final investment recommendation. I love the clear, concise, pull-no-punches approach of the letter. It’s a relief to me, as a small investor, trying to nurse my little nest egg towards retirement, to hear recommendations in plain English, not some garbled, investment house-speak financial techno-jargon. It lets me know where to plant my funds with confidence. Keep up the great work. I look forward to the next installments.

    - Mark W.
  • I love you guys. No really. What a breath of fresh air. Don’t change. Please, I beg you, don’t ever change.

    See y’all at the N.O. Conference in November.


    - Marilyn G.
  • Mr. Clark, thank you for taking time to reply. I will continue to accumulate both gold and silver with a firm belief that both are on the way to far higher prices. Then of course there are the mining stocks which we know will do even better. I’m looking out 20 years or so. If silver does return to the 15 to one reality anyone who did not buy for the almost free price of less than $20 an ounce will be crying in their beer. (Not Champagne). All the best to everyone at Casey Research for pointing the way and helping us to avoid being crushed between the rock and the hard place which sure look like they are moving closer daily.

    - Jerry R.