• You guys are great and do wonderful service for your fellow man.

    Thank you for including me

    - Randy W.
  • I am a loyal and very happy subscriber. First, I want to thank you and your team for the incredibly valuable information and insights published in the various Casey newsletters. I read The Room religiously, and get the Casey Report, International Speculator, and Without Borders. Up until a few years ago, I was one of those people Doug Casey might call an upper middle class boobus americanus – getting a great salary, but over indebted, working a brutal corporate job, living the suburban lifestyle, gobbling up “news” from CNN, etc.. Although I had never viewed the government as a savior by any means, I never saw it for the problem that it is until I started reading and understanding what Doug has to say. Although I am a latecomer to the idea of personal sovereignty, I am catching up very quickly, thanks in large part to Casey Research. I can’t thank you all enough.

    - Bob F.
  • Casey’s Trend Trader IS EXCELLENT. I LOVE THE “monthly supplements.” It’s clear and easy to understand. It’s the best fundamental analysis that I have ever seen.

    - Leo W.
  • Greetings Casey Research,

    I write simply to say thank you for providing the services that you do. I have been a subscriber to the Casey Report, and Energy Opportunities for a few years now. I deeply value your thoughtful research, open-mindedness, and your ability to simplify, to the extent possible, the complex inter-relationships of the global economy. More over, it is your ability to find truth or reality in the numbers rather than accepting the common perceptions that the broader public would like all to believe that is critical in forming a clear picture of what lies ahead and where current events stand. I find your top-down approach and diligence essential to uncovering investment opportunities that are present in any environment. Finally, your consideration of how economics affects humanity is refreshing and as important as your investment research.

    As a mid-twenty-something working at an investment consulting firm, I see examples daily of what the “herd” is thinking and doing. Being able to witness first hand what institutional investors are doing has only increased the value I place on your research.

    Kudos for a job well done to date and keep up the good work.

    - Jeff
  • I have subscribed to almost all of your illuminating reports. You have literally changed my life, as far as my way of thinking and interpreting facts and news. I would have never
    thought it [the economic crisis] would have gotten this big and this bad, but I took you seriously from the very beginning and it helped me understand the big picture.

    By following your advice I have improved my financial status…. I’m all-in in gold (physical, ETFs, and stocks).

    Thanks again to the whole Casey gang… you are really helping people to not
    get %*(^&# by the system.

    All the best in life

    - O. Ballabio
  • I just wanted to congratulate you and the Casey folks for the new [Casey’s Trend Trader] service. I have been trading commodities for about three years. I originally subscribed to another futures and options service. I lost money. But worse than that, I didn’t learn anything. The Trend Trader teaches my why the trade is worth entering, so I can make my own decision about whether to pull the trigger. It is all well and good to make money blindly, but the parable about ‘teaching a man to fish’ is the best lesson from scripture. Thanks, Dominick

    - Dominick
  • Mr. Galland, I, for one, can tell you that I am completely satisfied with International Speculator. I am not a big-money swinger like you and Mr. Casey, but in 2007 my fifteen International Speculator-recommended investments, which I continue to hold, are up an average of 66%, including three more-than-doubles in gold, silver, and copper. I will not be leaving International Speculator. There is too much to look forward to, too much to learn from you, and too much money to be made.

    - D. Switzer
  • Outstanding [TCR] issue. This report just gets better and better. The Nov. 2008 issue was the best so far in my opinion. Keep up the good work.

    - Jon
  • As a new subscriber I just want to tell you how comfortable and “at home” I feel with the people in your service.

    Regarding the service itself, I subscribe to several newsletters and yours is by far the easiest and most pleasant to use. Thank you for not putting a lot of distracting crap on your website.

    Thanks for keeping your articles to the point and not putting in an avalanche of information I have to sift through. Time is short.

    Finally, thanks for making me work for it. It makes life more interesting to do some due diligence and check things out with some backup

    Just the right amount I think.

    From Ontario

    - Jim S.
  • That report [A Long Time Coming, The Casey Report, vol.1, issue 3] was one of the best pieces on real estate I’ve ever seen. It was off the charts informative. The whole volume was outstanding! You guys make me much smarter than I am. I’ve only been around a year but I feel like I’m armed with data that will save me tremendous burdens.

    - E. Thomason