Your latest issue of Big Gold was very helpful. After many years of investing, I still get anxious and worried. The guidelines in Big Gold were just what I needed.

- Lee R.

BIG GOLD is really a must read subscription for anyone interested in following the Gold and Silver market. It is packed with all you need to keep the big picture up to date. Also the description of political influences and events in the market are refreshingly unbiased contrary to what you get in the news.

- Max S.

Thanks to all at Casey Research. Your research and reporting give me an anchor of hope and sanity in today's social, cultural, financial, political, and legal environments, which are all decaying rapidly, compared to what we used to have and take for granted in this country. You have guts and courage and principles, and you articulate your arguments intelligently and logically, and thus with authority. I salute your work and journalism and I encourage you to continue to "swim against the stream" of this steadily degenerating "LiLo" culture.

- Bruce S.

My BIG GOLD portfolio is up 324% based on your recommendations. Keep up the good work, guys.

- Gilbert B.

I am an airline pilot and mandatory retirement is only 4 1/2 yrs away. I'm doing everything I can to weather the coming storm and the Casey team will be a strong anchor to see me through. I recommend your daily newsletter plus The Casey Daily Dispatch to all the pilots I fly with. We pilots tend to be cheap, so I figure exposing them to the free Casey newsletters will eventually bring them "into the fold" sometime down the line. Plus, they can't dispute how my investments have done through my paid subscriptions - following the recommendations in the International Speculator, BIG GOLD, and a few other Casey subscriptions, I started with $102k in February and by year-end I had $160k. Keep it up. I read every word of it!

- Bill T.

"Happy New Year" to all at Casey Research, and thank you for urging me to subscribe to Casey’s International Speculator. I did in December, 2009 just before rolling over $102k of my 401k into an IRA in February, 2010. Following the recommendations in the International Speculator, BIG GOLD, and a few other Casey subscriptions, by year-end I had $160k. Just this month I pulled another $180k from my 401k to add to my IRA. I'm looking forward to what 2011 will bring.

- Bill T.

You guys are great, my net worth went up $10,000 today on the BIG GOLD picks. Awesome, thank you.

- Lyle A.

I just want you to know that you've got a fan for life. Having had my eyes opened by this latest economic debacle, I was at a loss for financial advice. After going through years of lying salesmen brokers that have no concept of anything other than what they are trying to push that day, I found some real, honest, intelligent and liberty-loving folks that have the highest level of ethics. Thank you, Casey Research, for all your hard work and research.

- Kris M.

Really just wanted to let you know that I totally value The Gold & Silver Daily - it is the first thing I read each day and my source of what is really going on in the precious metals markets. Keep up the good work!

- Tommy P.

Under one year as a Casey Club member and my investment in Bayfield has paid for my membership... and I'm on a Casey free ride with over half of it. I love you guys!

- Steve A.

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