Published on March 15 2018

Teeka Tiwari on the Crypto “Kingmaker”—And Why It Pays to Listen to Him

Justin’s note: On Tuesday, I shared an urgent message from crypto expert Teeka Tiwari on bitcoin’s “second boom.” He says we’re still in the early innings of a crypto bull run. Today, in a new interview with Palm Beach Daily analyst Nick Rokke, Teeka shares another reason to get ready for this boom.

It all has to do with someone Teeka calls the “Kingmaker”—one of his most trusted sources in the cryptocurrency space. Teeka recently tracked him down for a private meeting in New York City…

Nick Rokke: Hey, T… Thanks for talking to me on such short notice. You recently met with a guy you call the Kingmaker. Who is he?

Teeka Tiwari: Now, I can’t tell you who the Kingmaker is. I’ve been sworn to secrecy. He likes his privacy and wants to stay behind the scenes.

But I can tell you what he does and how I met him.

He’s one of the few people trusted by both the crypto side and the money side of the business.

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Now, these two sides don’t often trust each other.

The crypto guys are about advancing the technology and creating a private, decentralized money system. They’re about taking power away from the rich and the government, and giving it back to the individual.

The money guys don’t care about that—they just care about profits. And turning a profit can bastardize the original intent of a crypto project.

But the Kingmaker bridges the gap between these two sides.

The crypto guys know he’s not going to sell out their projects. And the moneymen like him because they know he’s thoroughly vetted the project.

If the Kingmaker is involved with a project, it’s legit.

Some of our biggest gains have come from recommendations passed on to me from the Kingmaker.

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Nick: You’ll have to thank him for me. But why is the Kingmaker talking to you?

Teeka: He knows the type of work I do.

We met a couple years ago when I was researching a company. He was impressed by the amount of research we do at Palm Beach Research Group.

You see, most of these so-called crypto analysts just sit behind their computer, read a white paper, launch up their webcam… and make a recommendation.

The Kingmaker was sick of all these pretenders on YouTube bringing down the legitimacy of cryptocurrencies.

Many of the YouTube guys are lazy. I never see them at the crypto conferences I go to. I want to meet and talk to them… but I can’t, because they’re not out there.

The Kingmaker saw the diligence I put into just one recommendation. I traveled to meet the team. I went to conferences to talk to other experts about the project. And I made sure I fully understood the entire project.

Now, not to be too self-serving… but I believe we do the most thorough research in the entire industry. And the Kingmaker agrees.

So that’s why he talks to me.

Nick: What projects has he given you so far?

Teeka: I really can’t say because I don’t want to tip anyone off to who he is. But he’s given us some of our biggest winners.

Now, I get tips from tons of people about upcoming projects. But often these are self-serving and turn out to be duds.

But every project he’s told me about has turned out to be a winner so far.

He’s my most trusted source.

Nick: OK, tell me about this recent meeting you had with him.

Teeka: It was a couple months ago during my investigation into the next phase of the crypto market.

I had a meeting with him at The Capital Grille in New York City. We ate dinner, he was drinking some wine, and the conversation got interesting.

That’s when he told me about the Second Boom. It’s an event that can unlock $5 trillion of new money into the crypto market.

What does $5 trillion do to the market? That’s not two times, or five times the current market… That would grow the entire market by 10 times.

I realize that might sound ridiculous, but not after what happened in 2017.

The crypto market went from a market cap of $15 billion to a peak of $850 billion. That’s five times more than the 10x move I’m predicting now.

The trigger for the Second Boom will be an event happening on May 14—when a torrent of new money will flood the market.

Nick: Thanks, T.

Teeka: You’re welcome.

Justin’s note: Over 35,000 people signed up to join Teeka Tiwari last night to learn more about the cryptocurrency Second Boom and what’s set to happen on May 14. And in his presentation, he talked about one of the highest-potential crypto projects in the space today.

If you missed last night’s webinar, don’t worry. Teeka’s decided to keep the presentation online for a short time. So if you haven’t seen it yet, make sure to check it out right here while it’s still online.

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