Justin SpittlerEditor, Casey Daily Dispatch

Justin Spittler

Justin is the editor of Casey Daily Dispatch, Casey Research’s daily e-letter. In this role, Justin unearths giant money-making opportunities. He also tips off investors to hidden dangers in the markets.

But unlike most analysts, Justin isn’t a desk-jockey. Instead, he reports live from the front lines of some of the world’s most exciting markets.

That’s right. Justin took a page from Doug Casey’s book and became an international man. He did this because the best opportunities are rarely in plain sight. They’re hidden. That means you must leave your cubicle and go out into “the field” to find them.

So far, Justin’s travels have taken him all over North America. He’s lived in Vancouver, San Francisco, Denver, and even Mexico. Along the way, he’s attended exclusive investment conferences. He’s toured multiple cannabis production facilities. And he’s sat down with high-level executives from a variety of industries.

But Justin is much more than a traveling writer. He’s also a close confidant of Casey Research founder Doug Casey. In fact, he brought back Conversations with Casey, the immensely popular interview series with Doug, in 2017. He’s served as the lead research analyst for The Casey Report and Crisis Investing.

Prior to joining Casey Research, Justin graduated from Loyola University New Orleans College of Business with degrees in management and economics in 2011. He also worked for several years as a commercial real estate appraiser in New Orleans.

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