The Reverse Mortgage Guide

You’ve probably seen the ads with Henry Winkler or Robert Wagner or even former Senator Fred Thompson, all asking if you’ve been thinking about a reverse mortgage.

Each of them can send you a free report to help you figure out which reverse mortgage is right for you. The trouble is, that free report comes from a company offering reverse mortgages… so just what do you think their advice will be?

Fortunately, there is independent, unbiased research on reverse mortgages to help you determine if one is right for your personal circumstances, where to turn for additional help, and how to evaluate various programs: it’s The Reverse Mortgage Guide, a new report from the team at Miller’s Money Forever.

Before considering a reverse mortgage, check out our new report. In its pages you’ll find:

  • How a reverse mortgage is different from what you probably think it is, and why the number “100” is the most important number to consider… page 5.
  • The two types of reverse mortgages that comprise 95% of the market; pick the wrong one and you could have to shell out nearly 50% more in fees without even knowing it… page 6.
  • The three questions you must answer before you take on a reverse mortgage; ignore them and you could be trapped in your home forever… page 9.
  • The six-part checklist you need to ask your spouse or housemate to see if both of you can actually stay in your home… page 10.
  • The risks that come with a reverse mortgage: these are the ones the companies will never tell you about, but they’re real… page 13.
  • Who’s getting a reverse mortgage these days? The answer may surprise you, but it’s a reflection of the times… page 19.
  • Other realistic options to a reverse mortgage; miss these and you could make mistake you’ll never recover from… page 23.

Don’t even consider listening to a reverse mortgage pitch until you’ve had a chance to read through The Reverse Mortgage Guide. Pick up your copy of this special report for only $29 – or FREE with a trial subscription to Miller’s Money Forever.

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