The Financial Advisor Guide

One of the most difficult, yet important decisions you can make as an individual investor is choosing a financial advisor.

First you have to determine if you would even benefit from an advisor and then find the one best suited to help you accomplish your investing goals.

It can be challenging, but I’ve worked with one of the top experts in the country to develop a new, timely, independent report that shows you exactly what to look for in an advisor. And you’ll also learn how to spot the “red flags” before you sign on the dotted line.

In this new, exclusive report called The Financial Advisor Guide, you’ll discover:

  • The two standards for advisors and how they apply to you: knowing which standard your advisor is held to could be the difference between a safe, stable portfolio and one that merely lines the advisor’s pockets… page 5.
  • The only three questions you have to consider if you’d benefit from hiring an advisor: answer “yes” to all three and you’ll want to hire one right away… page 6.
  • How to tell if someone calling himself a “financial consultant” or “financial planner” is the real deal or just little more than a stockbroker more interested in the commissions from your trades than the success of your investments… page 10.
  • How much you really need to have in assets for advisors to take you on. You might be surprised just how little you actually need to start with… page 13.
  • The six questions you must ask to determine if a potential advisor is qualified to help with your portfolio… page 11.
  • The four questions for evaluating the quality of your advisor once hired… page 16.
  • Red flags to watch out for when working with an advisor: miss one and you could get eaten alive with commissions before you realize it… page 19.
  • Three FREE sources to find an advisor with the least likelihood of conflict-of-interest problems… page 23.

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