Earn 10% Yield With Growth Capital

In this exclusive report, learn the fundamentals of investing in the relatively unknown "growth capital" markets (venture debt, mezzanine financing, senior secured lending, and more) and how these investments regularly yield over 10% in dividends year after year. Plus, get access to our exclusive picks for the best-positioned growth capital investments to buy right now.

The returns that venture capital companies make on their investments are legendary. Think of mansions, Ferraris, yachts; buying 20% of Google for just $25 million and parlaying it to billions; earning a 55,000% return on Amazon.com.

But the truth is, for every huge winner in venture capital, there are 10, 100, or even 1,000 strikeouts. It's a very risky game, and can take many years to pay off, if it ever does. It's also crowded with players—there are over 7,000 venture capital firms in the US alone—and only a handful make those massive returns. The average annual return for all venture capital firms in 2012 is just 5.7%, according to the National Venture Capital Association.

But there is a significantly more profitable, less crowded, and less risky market that most investors have never even heard of, that's making considerably higher returns. You can easily earn double the return of the average venture capital firm.

These unique investment funds pick up where venture capitalists leave off. Instead of investing in small start-up firms whose castles are still mostly in the clouds, they invest in rapidly growing companies which fall through the massive cracks between venture capitalist money and an initial public offering (IPO).

Once a firm is up and running, growing revenue, and just beginning to turn a profit, it still requires working capital to grow further. Venture capitalists prefer to keep their investments small. Individual banks—even the biggest of them—aren't equipped to invest hundreds of millions at a time, let alone in a highly specialized sector like technology. But the companies are too small to afford an IPO or to attract interest, as most people have never heard of them.

This is where a very specialized group of investors comes in. We call them "growth capitalists." Like their little brothers the venture capitalists, they focus on a financing niche they know very well: helping fund the growth of profitable mid-market companies in specialized markets like technology. By providing capital to these underserved markets at critical points, they get excellent rates of return, preferred status ahead of other investors, and other important benefits.

The best part: unlike restricted venture capital partnerships, you can invest in these growth capital companies directly on the public stock markets. There are no restrictions to accredited investors, no 10-year lockups (you can sell when you want or need to), and investors can earn income at rates unheard of in most of the market. Many companies in this field yield 10% or higher with their dividends alone.

We've scoured the market, dug deep in the numbers and the people behind every player in the industry, and have come up with three investments we believe will be a big part of your portfolio for years to come.

Download Earn 10% Yield With Growth Capital today to learn all about this unique investment arena, and to get access to our exclusive analysis of the best investments in the sector today. You'll be earning 10% income in stable, well-managed companies in no time.

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