Money Every Month

How to Make Money Every Month - After You Stop Working

Your money can earn "paychecks" for you once you put it to work by investing in a special class of ultrasafe dividend stocks… and by doing so in a very precise manner.

We've screened over 7,800 stocks and selected the best in terms of yield and safety (only investment-grade stocks from well-established companies were considered). In fact, out of the 7,800 stocks we evaluated, only 27 survived. We then went a step further and singled out the 12 standouts—the "best of the best."

Here's the story on our first three superstars:

  • Dividend payer #1 is actually older than the US itself itself (it opened its doors for business in 1760), but chances are you've never heard of it. That’s a shame, because this company is currently yielding a healthy 4.4%, paying out 70-75% of its earnings each quarter to its stockholders.
  • Dividend payer #2 has been growing its dividend for 10 consecutive years, and is poised to profit from the healthcare changes occurring in the US. It plans to participate in coverage expansion in the public exchanges as well as with Medicaid. It will also participate in the private exchange market for both employees and retirees.
  • Dividend payer #3 "only" pays a modest 3.1% yield but is still one of our all-time favorite stocks (and 3.1% is still 4 times higher than what a 3-year Treasury pays right now, which is a pathetic 0.76%).

But the problem with dividend-paying companies is they only pay quarterly (with the most common payout schedule being March, June, September, and December).

For that reason, we won’t be looking at just a single stock… but rather, three. We will select three stocks from our "super group of twelve" that have different payout schedules.

In other words, we'll pick:

  • 1 stock that pays out in January, April, July, and October
  • 1 stock that pays out in February, May, August, and November, and
  • 1 stock that pays out in March, June, September, and December.

This way we'll have all 12 months covered, and you can achieve consistent monthly income throughout the year.

But of course, that's just scratching the surface. I've listed everything you need to know to put into practice this simple and proven income strategy – including the names of all the 27 stocks, when they pay, and what they yield – in this special report titled Money Every Month.

The twelve super dividend payers are also singled out in the report. Whether you want to choose from these twelve favorites… or pick your own from the full list… is totally up to you.

And, for an even simpler strategy, pages 13-14 reveal the best ETFs you can buy that pay out on a monthly basis.

For only $29 you can get all of this information and more, simply by purchasing this valuable special report. Or, subscribe to Miller's Money Forever, your guide to monthly retirement income.

Miller's Money Forever stretches far beyond just dividend income. The philosophy of its editor, Dennis Miller, is to find high-yield opportunities regardless of what the investment vehicle happens to be.

So what else can you expect to find inside our pages?

Here's a short sample:

  • Are annuities all they're cracked up to be? In a past issue we revealed – by the numbers – the real deal about fixed- and variable-rate annuities (Worth the money? Is one type better than the other? Are they even a good deal for retirees?).
  • How to never put more than 1% of your portfolio at risk. Your percentage may be slightly different, but Dennis shares his "20/5 strategy" that practically guarantees he never risks losing more than 1% of his portfolio at a time.
  • Worried about the greenback? Do this… If Washington's rising pile of debt has got you concerned, the September issue shows you the simple way to diversify out of the dollar without turning to forex, buying gold, or shorting stocks.

In each issue of Miller’s Money Forever you will find our model portfolio, which currently includes more than a dozen solid income-producing investments you can choose from. You'll also find one recommendation we're holding onto for its pure growth prospects. All of this is available for 50% off through this offer – that's all of this valuable research for just $99 per year.

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