How to Survive the Coming Cash Ban

Banks can legally siphon away your life savings…
(The Fed just testified before Congress that they’re considering imposing negative interest rates.)

The IRS can freeze your bank account with the push of a button…
(Dozens of cases show they’re doing just that to innocent Americans.)

You could lose control of your entire life savings unless you take these 7 urgent steps right now…

The War on Cash is heating up as world governments get increasingly desperate to control and confiscate your life savings…

How to Protect Yourself from the War on Cash

That’s why we put together a special report – it’s called How to Protect Yourself from the War on Cash.

In this report, we outline what exactly is happening in our country right now – and around the world… you’ll discover the real reason why there are strict limits on how much you can withdraw from your bank account… why big bills are being banned… and why negative interest rates are coming to the US…

And we’ll also give you concrete steps you can take right now to protect yourself from total government control on cash.

These steps include…

  • How much cash you should save outside of your bank (most experts say 3 months of expenses, but they’re wrong)
  • The safest place to stash your cash (and why you’ll need to buy some PVC pipe from Home Depot)
  • Why you MUST own physical gold and silver (and discover how to keep it safe from confiscation)
  • Which documents you should ALWAYS have printed out and stored in your home (it’s not your driver’s license, passport, or anything obvious)

But that's not all...

  • We also tell you why you should take another look at your stock portfolio – and make sure you actually own those stocks (incredibly, most investors are not!)
  • And you'll find out which device you should have at hand in your house, in case things turn really ugly... (hurry, because government bureaucrats want to make it more difficult to get it!)

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  • How to Protect Yourself from the War on Cash
    FREE special report
    How to Protect Yourself from the War on Cash

    What will you do if the government gives the green light to freeze your assets? It’s been done before, in countries just as “free” and “advanced” as ours. And there’s a real chance it’s going to happen in this country… No one can say when or how exactly that will look like. But if you take the seven steps outlined in this report, you’ll be able to protect most of your money from government seizure and the collapse of the monetary system.
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  • The Essential Currency For Surviving a Monetary Crisis
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    The Essential Currency For Surviving a Monetary Crisis

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    The 2016 Gold Investor’s Guide

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