Extraordinary New Technologies Shape Our World

And tech’s effect on the global economy will only get bigger since even everyday companies must continually invest in technology... or risk getting run over by the competition.

The bottom line is, no matter what’s happening in the markets or the economy, our modern world creates a never-ending demand for revolutionary innovation.

This need has never been stronger—that’s why it’s crucial for you to understand that today’s demand is creating unlimited profit opportunities for you.

So that you can discover the unparalleled profit potential of the largest sector of the American economy—technology—Casey Research has created Casey Extraordinary Technology to give you an inside view to today’s most exciting tech plays.

The bottom line is, if you have a passion for technology—extraordinary, new technologies that are right now shaping the future… technologies that will benefit us all, regardless of the industry...

Be it in the aerospace and defense industry… the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries… the medical device and healthcare industries… or in software, Internet services, computers, electronics, or robotics industries—

Then Casey Extraordinary Technology is for you.

Led by technology expert Alex Daley, this service brings you the hottest cutting-edge recommendations in robotics, biotechnology, software development, and much, much more.

The sheer size of the technology sector, coupled with the fact that America is the world leader in technological innovation, presents huge profit opportunities for forward-thinking investors.

However, because new technology products are often complex and difficult to understand, tech is a tricky sector to navigate.

This makes it easy for technology companies to make exaggerated claims that can drive stock prices up sharply… but once the hype is exposed, they often come crashing down.

Fact is, it takes a deep understanding of both the technology and the businesses that produce it to make consistent money in tech. In short, it takes a technology expert of the highest order.

Casey Research is delighted to have someone on board who fits that description perfectly...

Alex Daley, Your Guide to Windfall Tech Gains

Alex is a scientist with vast hands-on experience in many fields of technology.

He’s also been involved in numerous start-ups as a venture capitalist and angel investor and has served as a trusted adviser to the CEOs and strategic planners of some of the world’s largest tech companies, including Microsoft.

And he has an astonishing record of profitable technology-sector stock picks...

  • A 147% profit in just over 6 months with a surgical device manufacturer
  • A 148% windfall in 7 months with a network security provider
  • A 93% gain in 13 months with a leader in the robotics industry
  • A 134% windfall on a manufacturer of an innovative dialysis machine for the treatment of kidney disease
  • A 197% gain on a biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery of therapeutic products for patients with diseases such as diabetes
  • A 305% gain on a biomedical pharmaceutical company working on new treatments for Crohn’s disease

Leverage Alex’s Expertise for High-Tech Profits

Right now you can take advantage of Alex’s expertise and start getting your share of tech-sector profits by signing up for Casey Extraordinary Technology.

When you subscribe, you’ll get the very latest information from all corners of the technology sector, including:

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical Devices and Healthcare Technology
  • Software and Internet Services
  • Computers, Office Electronics, and Peripherals
  • IT Services
  • Internet Software and Services
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Semiconductors, Electronics, and Instruments

Here’s what you’ll get with Casey Extraordinary Technology:

  • 12 Monthly Editions of Casey Extraordinary Technology—containing in-depth stock and company analyses that could run 30 pages or more. Every month you’ll learn about the very best technology plays and get at least one outstanding profit opportunity.
  • Special Email Alerts—as many as 3 times per week, bringing you unusual or urgent opportunities, including buy recommendations, sell recommendations, and updates.
  • Access to a library full of research at the Casey Research website—including newsletter archives and extensively detailed status reports delivered weekly on companies that are being held in the Casey Extraordinary Technology model portfolio.
  • Ironclad Guarantee—You have 90 days to decide if Casey Extraordinary Technology is right for you, with a 100% refund if you decide to cancel during that period, or a prorated refund for the balance of your subscription if you should decide to cancel after the first 90 days.

The Casey Extraordinary Technology newsletter and alert service is just $995 per year, or $248.75 per quarter.

I hope you agree that this is an extremely fair and generous offer—especially in light of all the valuable investment recommendations you’re about to receive.

Remember: the technology sector has historically been a driver of enormous portfolio wealth, and there’s no doubt it could remain that way for years and years to come.

According to Gartner, Inc., the world’s largest information-technology research company, worldwide technology spending will soar to $3.8 trillion this year alone.

America was built on technology—and it will continue to thrive because of it. Indeed, our future and fortunes depend on technology.

If you agree, then please join with me.

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