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Every month, Casey Energy Report brings you the best of the best of opportunities in the energy sector – geothermal power companies, solar panel manufacturers, oil sands explorers, run-of-river hydro-power firms, and many more.

These outfits are generally smaller-cap US and Canadian explorers and developers that you won’t hear about in CNBC, the Wall Street Journal, or other mainstream financial media. In short, they’re off the radar of most researchers and analysts – giving you the chance to get in early and maximize your profits.

Warning – Investing in Small-cap Energy Companies is NOT for the Faint of Heart

There’s big money to be made investing in early-stage energy exploration – life-changing money in fact. But the risks are higher too, as this is an up-and-down market that can whipsaw the unwary.

Truth is, there are thousands of early-stage companies out there that look good at first glance… but aren’t worth the paper their reports are written on.

Let the Experts at Casey Energy Report Guide You to the Potentially Lucrative Market of Up-And-Coming Energy Producers

Marin Katusa is the chief energy strategist at Casey Research and the leader of the research team at Casey Energy Report. He unearths the best energy investments in the world by conducting exhaustive research and meeting face-to-face with company executives.

He explores tough questions with these executives, like…

  • Does the company drill or mine in countries that might nationalize operations?
  • Is management sound?
  • Is there sufficient capital – or access to it – to finance future exploration?

When Marin and his team recommend a company for your portfolio, you can be sure they’ve done their homework.

Here are some examples of their recent portfolio gains:

  • 104.3% gains in 12 months with a Canadian oil and gas exploration company
  • 122.9% gains in 26 months with a US uranium producer
  • 83% gains in 2 months with a Canadian-based company focused recovering unconventional oil
  • 143.3% gains in 11 months with a Canadian company that develops run-of-river power

Casey Energy Report will guide you to successful investments like these by focusing on undervalued, small-cap companies that are well financed, have sound management teams, and are on the verge of important breakthroughs. It gives you top-notch information and thorough analysis of the best energy sector profit opportunities in the world – companies with the very real potential to double or triple your investment (or more) within 12 short months.

Here’s what you get in every monthly issue of Casey Energy Report

  • A special feature on topics every energy investor should know about
    Strategic oil reserves… a guide to investing in geothermal energy… Canadian energy income trusts… how the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 will affect you. Every month you’ll get an informative feature article that will tackle topics like these to help you become a more successful energy investor.
  • Monthly Company Recommendations
    Here you’ll get our very best energy plays, which is why readers keep coming back to us month after month.
  • Critical Company Updates
    You’ll get the latest developments of the companies we follow, covering the previous 30 days.
  • Commodities Briefing
    We examine the trends that influence oil, gas, coal, uranium, and more to help you see the big picture of the energy complex.

And every quarter, you’ll receive updates on all our recommended companies.

You’ll also get:

  • Immediate Access to the Current Issue
  • Immediate Access to the Casey Energy Report Portfolio – where you can track all of our current stock picks and the news affecting them
  • Online Access to the Valuable Casey Energy Report Archives here you can look up all the recommendations we’ve ever made… and see how they’re performing
  • Access to Casey Research’s Research Tool – this includes a resource dictionary; our “Knowledge Base”- an investment Q&A; and articles and subscriber-only special reports on investing and investment strategies.

And your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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