—Introducing the all-new—The Colder War Letter

The struggle between Vladimir Putin and the West to control the world’s energy trade is creating great shifts in capital—and an unprecedented opportunity for informed investors.

Billions… even trillions… are flowing in and out of energy markets as exciting new projects are being funded, drilling and exploration is ramping up, and huge, untapped reserves are being discovered… on both sides.

And a select few investors and companies, smack dab in the middle of this conflict, are rising to meet the challenge, secure new sources of energy, and earn massive profits along the way.

Drilling ramps up in Germany to wean itself from Russian natural gas… Big Oil sends fleets of icebreakers and city-sized rigs into the Arctic to make a play for undersea reserves… Canada greenlights new pipelines to feed US demand and start exporting… China builds hydroelectric plants in Africa in exchange for mineral rights… opportunities abound.

It’s all connected, and if you understand Putin’s role and where the money is going next, you can make a bundle.

That’s why we created The Colder War Letter, a new monthly newsletter to give you ongoing analysis and investment recommendations for positioning your portfolio to take advantage of these extreme shifts in the energy sector.

Every month, you’ll hear from Marin Katusa and his team as they travel the globe to unearth new opportunities and provide thorough geopolitical updates and insights on Putin’s every move—including any looming threats.

It’s the perfect complement to The Colder War book and the best way we know to help you navigate and profit in the fast-moving energy sector.

And when you sign up today, you’ll receive an instant discount of 47%.

Plus, you can take a full 90 days to test-drive The Colder War Letter. That way you have enough time to fully digest all the information in Marin’s book, read over your first 3 issues, and determine if this newsletter is right for you.

If you find it isn’t, you can call or email to cancel and receive a full refund any time in your first 3 months—guaranteed.

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