“Gold Is Now a Better Value than It’s Been for a Decade”

- Doug Casey

Gold serves a unique and essential role—insurance against devalued currencies and hedge to market crashes—in any investor’s portfolio.

And BIG GOLD is the indispensable guide to making the most of your gold, silver, and other precious metals investments.

Gold is money. And when paper money is losing value by the day because of loose fiscal policies—people turn to gold because it holds its value.

For proof, consider this...

In 1936, when the country was in the grip of the Great Depression, you could buy a very nice suit—pants, vest, and jacket—for $36. Gold was selling for nearly $36 an ounce then, so an ounce of gold would have bought you a very nice suit back then.

Today, you can barely buy a swimsuit for $36! But an ounce of gold—worth above $1,100 per ounce—easily buys you a stylish Prada suit.

Paper money changes with the wind and the whim of politicians.

But gold continues to stand the test of time.

It’s as valuable to us today as it was to the ancient Egyptians, the Romans, British lords and the Royal Navy, turn-of-the-century Swiss banks, or to those holding it the day Nixon put the final nail in the coffin of gold-backed dollars.

Gold has been the most consistent and reliable means of storing and protecting wealth for thousands of years, and remains so today. With rising debt and global crises unfolding seemingly every day, owning gold is more crucial than ever.

While gold has been a superb investment over the last 15 years (up 409% versus 46% for the S&P 500), it’s gold’s use as a hedge against inflation that makes it so important.

The portion of your portfolio that’s in gold is protected from the devastation of currency devaluation.

This explains why the same amount of gold that would buy a good suit, a car, or a house in 1935 will buy those same items today. Billionaire Jim Rogers, cofounder of the Soros Quantum Fund, publicly stated that he has never sold any gold and can’t imagine ever selling gold in his life because he sees it as an insurance policy:

With all this staggering amount of currency debasement, gold has got to be a good place to be down the road once we get through this correction.

The key to minimizing your risk in your portfolio is to own non-correlated assets—like gold—that don’t move positively or negatively with the prices of stocks, bonds, or T bills.

In fact, Forbes reports that the correlation of gold to US equities and Treasury bills has been virtually zero. Gold also exhibits a low correlation to other commodities and tends to be less volatile.

The bottom line is, as we’re forced to face the consequences of our society’s excessive money printing, incredible debt, and eventual corresponding inflation—forestalled but not prevented by the actions of our central banks—gold will soar to record-breaking new highs.

Make sure you’re there to reap the rewards and to avoid the pain that comes from failing to take out insurance on the value of your assets.

BIG GOLD makes it simple, with an easy-to-maintain portfolio of mid- to large-cap precious metals producers—the stocks that historically rise 4x faster than the price of gold after a panic and provide an important leverage to gold’s hedge—and related ETFs, mutual funds, physical gold and silver, and more.

Jeff Clark

Led by precious metals expert Jeff Clark, the BIG GOLD team is constantly researching the best companies to own, analyzing the big trends in metals, and scouring the world for the best deals on physical bullion, storage, and more.

BIG GOLD gives you the full details on the best places to buy gold and informs you of the least expensive bullion storage arrangements available in the industry.

You’ll have access to The BIG GOLD Bullion Buyers Guide, where we share with our subscribers dealers and storage facilities that we’ve come to trust over the years and feel comfortable recommending.

You’ll see that the Guide lists bullion dealers, fractional ownership programs including automated accumulation plans, international storage facilities, an IRA program, a rare-coin dealer, and a transportation service. These are dealers and programs we’ve vetted and have personally used, and have had a good experience with.

As a subscriber, you can take advantage of the discounts offered to you by various international gold storage facilities so you can diversify your assets in the event your government gets desperate.

Whether you’re a novice gold investor or a longtime industry stalwart, BIG GOLD is the must-own companion to your precious metals investments. It will guide you through safe and profitable ways to capitalize on the gold and silver market, all the while helping protect your assets.

Here’s what readers have to say about BIG GOLD...

As usual, I enjoyed the recent issue of BIG GOLD and especially appreciated the “clue-oriented” analysis of how to evaluate buying opportunities. Kudos to Jeff Clark for an excellent report that focuses so solidly on the psyche of investors and subscribers.
—R. Dillion
Jeff’s analysis and writing are fantastic. I know I need to add to my gold holdings, and this guidance is just what I needed. I can’t wait for the next issue and for the remainder of the year. Keep it up. I am telling my friends about this.
—T. Hamm
My BIG GOLD portfolio is up 324% based on your recommendations. Keep up the good work, guys.
—Gilbert B.
You guys are great; my net worth went up $10,000 today on the BIG GOLD picks. Awesome, thank you.
—L. Aldrich

Today you’re invited to a 90-day, risk-free trial of BIG GOLD, which will show you how to use gold to hedge against the economic chaos that’s looming on the horizon.

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  • Stocks of individual companies that mine or explore for precious metals.

The bottom line is, there has never been a better time than now to take advantage of the security, inflation protection, and potentially huge profits that gold investments offer.

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  • A library of valuable articles and special reports: You’ll learn about the 8 Ps of Resource Stock Evaluation (People, Properties, Politics, Paper, Phinancing, Promotion, Push, and Price), which we use to vet all gold and silver miners, and which you can use as well.
  • Searchable archives with background information on hundreds of resource companies: You’ll be able to review over six years of archives filled with invaluable articles to give you a solid education and historical perspective of the precious metals market.

So start your no-obligation, risk-free trial today, and profit from all of the valuable insights of BIG GOLD—with a full 90 days to decide if it’s right for you.

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