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At Casey Research we are dedicated to providing best-in-class investment research. With dedicated teams focused on each area of specialization, from metals and mining to energy to long/short macro-focused advisories, investors have relied on our investment expertise for more than 40 years. We offer market-beating, vertical-focused stock research, economic-forecast-driven trend investments across a range of sectors, and overall portfolio management and wealth protection.

Big-Picture Investing and Portfolio Management

If you are looking for the best place to begin building your investment portfolio, or the widest range of investments and speculations around the world, start with these services.

  • ➤ The Casey Report
    Our flagship publication at the cross-section of economics and investing around the globe.

Metals and Mining

Long established as a global leader in precious metals, mining, and resource investing, the Casey Research team scours the globe in search of the next big discovery. See for yourself why we are widely considered among of the world’s foremost base and precious metals investing experts.

  • ➤ International Speculator
    Our longest running research service, Dave Forest and team unearth the most undervalued explorers and mining stocks around the world.

Strategic Investing

Right now, there are huge distortions in the market… and it’s imperative to have a specific plan of attack.

Longtime Casey editor E.B. Tucker will show you how to take advantage of these distortions so you can thrive in the years ahead.

  • ➤ E.B. Tucker’s Strategic Investor
    E.B.’s recommendations will include the most explosive stocks in the resource markets as well as core positions in world-class businesses trading at bargain prices.

Crisis Opportunities

Nick Giambruno, Doug Casey’s globe-trotting protégé, knows that the best time to buy is, as Baron Rothschild once said, “when there’s blood in the streets.” That’s because Nick and Doug are professional crisis investors. They chase turmoil and the incredibly profitable opportunities it creates. Many of the world’s greatest investors have made their fortunes this way… but anyone can do it.

  • ➤ Crisis Investing
    In a crisis, where most people only see danger, Nick Giambruno sees opportunity. Crises often allow you to buy a dollar’s worth of assets for a dime or less. Spotting these bargains is Nick’s specialty.


Today, only 0.3% of the world’s population owns cryptocurrencies. Marco Wutzer, blockchain pioneer and Doug Casey’s bona fide digital currency expert, will provide you with the education and investments you need to get into this disruptive trend ahead of the masses.

  • ➤ Disruptive Profits
    Our first-ever advisory dedicated to explosive projects in the up-and-coming digital currencies space.

Casey Research Publishing Schedule

Publication Schedule
The Casey Report Second Thursday of the month
Strategic Investor First Wednesday of the month
International Speculator Third Wednesday of the month
Crisis Investing Fourth Tuesday of the month
Disruptive Profits Fourth Thursday of the month
Dispatch Daily

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