Published on March 12 2015

How Tesla Will Kill Your Portfolio, Even If You Don’t Own It

As this is the last regularly scheduled edition of the Daily Dispatch on technology, I want to break with the usual format to bring you something particularly special and potentially profitable.

Quickly, before we get to that, I want to assure you that the changes coming to Casey Research are quite exciting and that you will continue to hear from us, just in a fresh new format. We’ve embraced a less-is-more philosophy across the company to try to ensure we get you only the most important and relevant market news and investment research in the formats you prefer. That’s all I’ll say for now, lest I spoil the surprise.

Now on to those profits I mentioned, as our intrepid investigator Doug Hornig reviews a sea change in the way we produce and consume electricity—a change which has quietly happened under our collective noses and is accelerating at a phenomenal pace.

Alex Daley
Chief Technology Investment Strategist
Casey Research