Rulers and would-be rulers view the rest of our species as milk cows, to be kept alive and milked for as long as possible, no matter how much joy is taken from them. The purpose of life, however, is to enjoy yourself. It's not to be treated like part of a herd and be fed what your master wants for his own purposes."

Chapter 7, Totally Incorrect

Doug Casey's Book

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"There is no other modern American critic who is half as brilliant. Unlike just about every other political economist, Doug is utterly consistent in his views. He is the only person on the scene today who could rightfully claim Mencken's mantle.

What's in this book might make you rich. More importantly, it will give you a solid philosophy of life, something I doubt anyone else is as well prepared to teach. What's in this book will show you the world in a new light. It will allow you to see the world as it really is... which is a gift everyone should enjoy."

Porter Stansberry, founder and CEO of Stansberry & Associates Investment Research

This, says libertarian philosopher, famous speculator, and free-market advocate Doug Casey, is not the time to cower like a pack of whipped dogs.

It's a time to speak out against ever-increasing government meddling in US citizens' lives... the treacherous lure of the nanny state... the global-warming hoax... the dangers of Obamacare... the domestic terrorist organization called TSA... the futility of voting... and much more.

Read the views of a contrarian who is not afraid to speak his mind – on everything under the sun.

Not too long ago, the word "America" actually stood for something... an ideal of personal freedom, self-reliance, and moral strength that nations the world over admired and tried to emulate.

Today, says liberty advocate Doug Casey, that ideal has been perverted – America is dead, and all that's left is the US, just one of many equally dysfunctional nation-states.

At this point, the whole system is in a self-reinforcing downward spiral. It needs to be flushed."

(On TSA, Chapter 10)

At a time when government intrusion, corruption, cronyism, and fraud abound in Western societies, Doug is one of the few voices of reason calling for a return to honesty and free-market principles.

My view is that free-market capitalism is the only ethical economic system. It maximizes everyone's advantage and does so without coercion."

(On Ethics, Chapter 22)

People have called him a doom-and-gloomer, but Doug views himself as an optimist. While he has no doubt that the United States is in for a rough economic ride – for which he has coined the term "Greater Depression" – there's always a silver lining.

Case in point: for many years Doug Casey's keen business instinct has helped him detect budding trends and turn them into profit opportunities – even in times of crisis, such as the Crash of 2008.

Aside from Doug's musings "on the passing parade," as he calls it, the reader of Totally Incorrect is being treated to a deep look into the mind of a successful speculator and the investment implications of nearly every topic the author discusses.

Totally Incorrect comprises 43 entertaining conversations between Doug and his friend and colleague Louis James – 43 model exercises in libertarian thinking and social critique.

Doug, a student of philosophy and a history buff, has long noticed how history, if not repeating itself, at least rhymes... and he sees distinct parallels to the US's current quagmire in the run-up to the 1930s Depression as well as in the fall of the Roman Empire.

It looks a lot like the American experience over the last couple hundred years. It starts with conquest and expansion, leads to global dominance, and then slips into decline."

(On Rome, Chapter 6)

Some people [say] it minimizes harm to vote for the lesser of two evils. That's nonsense, because it still leaves you voting for evil."

(On Voting, Chapter 33)

The Nobel Peace Prize itself needs debunking. If Obama can win it for good intentions, they should give a special posthumous prize to Princess Di, because she wanted to give the world a hug and buy everybody a puppy."

(On Nobel Prizes, Chapter 39)

Political power tends to attract the worst kind of people, the four percent of any society that's sociopathic. So declaring holidays to honor these people is a tragic mistake in and of itself."

(On Presidents, Chapter 24)

It amazes me that when Congress created [the TSA], they found 50,000 people, practically overnight, who thought that getting paid to go through fellow citizens' dirty underwear at airports was a good deal."

(On the TSA, Chapter 1)

Aside from Doug's pointed comments on the state of the union, here's a short list of what you'll discover in Totally Incorrect...

An enlightening and thoroughly entertaining read, Totally Incorrect provides food for thought and plenty of conversation fodder for your next cocktail party.

Stimulating and thought-provoking...

"While often highly controversial, Doug Casey's irreverent reflections on the world's most pressing issues are always stimulating and thought-provoking. One does not have to agree with what Doug writes to appreciate his unique ability to dissect facts and challenge pre-conceived ideas from a radical libertarian perspective. As a renowned and successful speculator, Doug provides investors with unique insight they won't find anywhere else."

John Mauldin, chairman of Mauldin Economics and NY Times best-selling author

Making money and defending freedom...

"Doug Casey is not only a genius, he knows how to have fun while making money and defending freedom. Read this book and be inspired."

Lew Rockwell,

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