Rachel’s note: Regular readers know our goal at the Dispatch is to help balance the scales for everyday investors.

Our colleague over at Palm Beach Research Group, Teeka Tiwari, shares this mission. He’s helped his readers achieve their American Dream… by sharing the best opportunities to grow and preserve their wealth.

On Wednesday night, Teeka’s hosting a presentation to share the latest opportunity on his radar. He’s calling it an “Anomaly Window.” And the right stocks could hand you decades of wealth in days.

You can reserve your free spot for this event here. Then, read on below for today’s essay from Teeka’s right-hand man and chief analyst, William Mikula. In it, William reveals how he’s getting even with Wall Street…

By William Mikula, analyst, Palm Beach Daily

William Mikula

My experience with Wall Street started at a young age…

You see, in the mid-1980s, my family lived in Saudi Arabia. My father worked as an oil rig foreman for a major energy firm based in Houston.

We evacuated Saudi Arabia when Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990. The oil business paid great money, but the risks were large. And my father had a young – and growing – family to think of.

So he ultimately decided to try his hand at insurance. It was his American Dream to start his own business… buy a home… and raise his family.

So he took most of his savings and plowed them into an insurance franchise back in the U.S. He took the balance of his savings and invested it with a Wall Street broker who sold him on large returns with little risk.

My father’s insurance business was commission-only. He needed other streams of income working for him while the business grew.

I’m sure you can imagine where this story is going… And today, I’ll tell you how the outcome led me to one of the biggest financial discoveries of my life.

Mom Helped Keep Dad’s Dream Alive

The slick Wall Street broker proceeded to lose every penny my father invested with him. Once the money was gone, so was the broker. Unreachable. Vanished.

The loss put a serious strain on our family’s finances. My father had to let go of his secretary. He couldn’t afford her salary anymore.

At the time, my mother was pregnant with my sister. She had zero experience with insurance. And she was at the point in her pregnancy where she could go into labor at any moment.

But she knew my father needed help. The business was growing, but it was also burning through cash fast – as any startup does.

My mother stepped up to the plate – and helped keep my dad’s dream alive.

I remember her dutifully driving me to the office every single day. She would post up in a beaten-down office chair and handle the phones all day. My father sold policies door-to-door, while my mother handled paperwork and collections on the back end.

It was a stressful time. A small office in a run-down strip mall became my second home. All the while, the topic of how to pay the monthly bills – and make up for lost money – was an ever-present dark cloud over our family.

I tell you this story because it left a lasting impression on me. In fact, looking back now, it was the catalyst that sent me on my path to become a trader.

Better Than Wall Street

You see, at a young age, I learned to not trust the Wall Street establishment… to go against the grain.

To be fair, I’m sure there are plenty of great brokers out there. And the one that bilked my family was a bad apple.

But when you’re young and impressionable, these things put a chip on your shoulder.

It’s that chip that led me to study business and finance.

My goal was never to be good. It was to be great – the best. And above all, to be better than the slickest traders on Wall Street.

And so far, I’ve done that. Since I joined Palm Beach Research Group, I’ve made 365 trades and closed 357 of them for wins. That’s a 98% win-rate. Since January 2016, we’ve been on a 179-trade win streak.

My winning track record is why PBRG guru Teeka Tiwari asked me to join his exclusive Alpha Edge service. But it’s more than just my track record that gained Teeka’s attention. You see, like me, Big T came from humble beginnings…

You probably already know his story – how he grew up in a foster home… came to the U.S. from England with $150 in his pockets and the shirt on his back… and climbed the corporate ladder to become the youngest executive in his Wall Street firm’s history.

But despite our successes, neither Big T nor I have forgotten our roots. We understand how hard it is for ordinary people to achieve their American Dreams – especially in today’s uncertain economic environment.

That’s why today, I want to talk to you about an idea I believe can help you take a giant leap toward achieving your American Dream in as little as 42 days…

How I’m Getting Even

Look, I could’ve remained angry at Wall Street for undercutting my dad’s American Dream. Instead, I decided to get even. Like Big T, I wanted to turn the tables on the Wall Street elite in favor of the little guy.

And while Wall Street has been telling ordinary folks like my dad to wait for years to achieve their American Dreams… it’s been using a little-known strategy to pull 39 years’ worth of profits forward in 42 days.

It involves what Teeka calls “Anomaly Windows.” They only last a few weeks… but they pop up like clockwork… And Wall Street has tried to keep them closed to ordinary investors for years.

And when these windows open, a handful of “boring” blue-chip stocks become very exciting.

For example, during the last three “Anomaly Windows,” blue-chip stocks like Home Depot, Cardinal Health, and American Express could have delivered gains of 1,500%, 3,000%, and 6,150%, respectively.

That’s why on Wednesday, April 21 at 8 p.m. ET, Teeka is hosting an event called How to Buy Back 20 Years of Your Life, where he’ll explain how these Anomaly Windows can lead to extraordinary gains on boring, blue-chip stocks.

Under normal market conditions, these gains would take decades to achieve… In fact, if you were to buy and hold the S&P 500 index, it would take you nearly 40 years to see similar gains.

This event is free to attend, but to make it even more worthwhile, you’ll get four free gifts for showing up… including Teeka’s full list of stocks to trade during the next Anomaly Window.

And in case you’re wondering how my family’s story turned out…

My father ended up building a thriving insurance business that’s still taking care of policyholders and generating profits 30 years later.

My mother was able to retire from the hand-me-down office furniture… raise four children… and not lose her sanity in the process.

Finally, I taught my father many of the same trading strategies Teeka and I are using during the Anomaly Window. He salvaged his retirement account and is now beating Wall Street. And you can, too.

All you have to do is click here… and start building your American Dream today…

Invest wisely,


William Mikula
Analyst, Palm Beach Daily