Rachel’s note: As COVID-19 spikes across the U.S., the market continues hitting new highs… and the talking heads insist we’re in a recovery.

With all this insanity, you may think your opportunity to make serious money this year has passed you by. But our colleague Teeka Tiwari says there’s still a chance to make life-changing gains…

He held a special broadcast last week where he revealed a special “quirk” in the code of six tiny cryptos. More than 32,000 people tuned in… and learned how just a $250 stake could potentially grow to $221,738.

Go here to watch the replay of the event. Then, read on below for Teeka’s wealth-building insights…

By Teeka Tiwari, editor, Palm Beach Daily

Teeka Tiwari

Back in the late 1990s, investors could barely go a day without hearing stories of the next big tech stock…

The internet was taking off. And tech stocks were going berserk.

From 1995 to 2000, the tech-heavy Nasdaq shot up 372%. It was a time when one lucky investment could turn into a windfall…

For instance, just $1,000 invested into Amazon in 1997 would be worth $1,324,548 today. A $1,000 position in Apple would have turned into a life-changing windfall of $943,359 today.

But for every Amazon and Apple… there were dozens of busts like Pets.com, Boo.com, Living.com, and Kozmo.com. Investors in these companies lost their shirts. A $1,000 position in them likely went to zero.

So how can you pick the Amazons while avoiding Pets.com?

Friends, the truth is: You can’t.

No one has a crystal ball that good. And anyone who tells you they can predict which company will become the next Amazon or the next Pets.com… is misinformed about their own abilities to predict the future.

(I know because I’ve made the same mistake before.)

The key to making life-changing gains during the internet boom was to make a handful of tiny bets on tech companies you believed had incredible upside potential.

Even if you got 99% of them wrong, you wouldn’t imperil your lifestyle because the position size was so small. But if you got one of them right, you’d make life-changing wealth.

You Don’t Have to Risk a Lot to Make a Lot

For years, I’ve told my readers to create wealth, you must build a solid foundation of safe multiple income streams. That safe, reliable extra income allows you to grow your overall wealth faster, without putting your principal capital at risk.

Here’s how it works:

You take the income generated from your safe investments and use it to magnify your wealth quickly by using high-risk, high-reward plays. I call these plays “asymmetric bets” because you can take a small amount of money and greatly amplify it.

A recent example of this is when I made $75,000 from a $700 investment back in 2017. Another investment helped me make as much as $1.2 million from just $1,000.

Let’s go back to Amazon so I can show you how asymmetric investing can give you the staying power you need to make one million dollars from a $1,000 investment. At the time, Amazon was a high-risk stock with no earnings. It had barely any revenue and a brand-new, untested business model.

If you had invested into Amazon on May 15, 1997, you’d have been down almost 50% a week later.

Chances are most folks bought too much, got scared, and sold the stock that first week. But had you used my asymmetric investing techniques instead and just made a small $1,000 investment you wouldn’t have been scared. You would have held on and today you’d be $1.3 million richer.

That is the power of asymmetric investing…

Because even if you are dead wrong on 99% of your aggressive plays, it just takes one winner to change your life. And the great news is even if all your other trades don’t work out, you haven’t hurt your lifestyle or impaired your wealth.

That’s because within a year, all the income you used for your high-risk investing gets replaced by the income generated from your safe portfolio. This is the real secret to getting wealthy.

That’s how smart venture capital firms created wealth during the tech boom. They built a portfolio of small uniform positions in quality names and let time do the heavy lifting. Of course, some would go to zero… but the winners more than made up for the losers.

Since the late-1990s tech boom, I haven’t seen many markets with the potential to turn a handful of small $1,000 investments into $1 million or more.

That is until I came across crypto in 2016. It’s one of the only markets in the world where a few hundred dollars can turn into $100,000 or even $1 million.

For instance, in February 2017, I recommended a small crypto to subscribers of my Palm Beach Confidential service.

We got in at 13 cents and it hit a high of $198. That’s a return of over 150,000% – enough to turn every $500 into more than $760,000 and every $1,000 into more than $1.5 million.

Even if we were wrong on all our other positions (and we weren’t – some of my other winners have been up as much as 16,040% and 14,613%)… that one position would’ve been enough to make you a millionaire… And the best part is you only risked $500–$1,000.

This Small Portfolio Could Change Your Life

If you missed out on the 1990s tech boom… it’s too late. You just can’t build a small portfolio of tech names today… and turn it into life-changing wealth like investors did back in the 1990s. The space is too mature now.

But crypto still offers that possibility.

We are in the early stages of this megatrend. Many of these projects have tiny market caps. And some will eventually end up being worth billions of dollars.

That’s why last week, I hosted a special event to tell you about a small subset of tokens with the potential to deliver unbelievable gains like 5,837%… 21,267%… 48,371%… 68,141%… and more.

It all has to do with a “quirk” in their code. It’s a catalyst that has let previous crypto investors make over a half-million percent on one extraordinary idea. I didn’t even know about this quirk myself until I accidently stumbled across it last month.

Now, I can’t guarantee we’ll get half-million percent gains. No one can.

But what I can do is put you onto a group of cryptos that have the same single trait that led to certain outlier cryptos going as high as the gains I mentioned above… Where a small $500 position could have made as much as $2.5 million.

When you make a gain like that, it is life-changing.

That’s why I called my event The Crypto Catch-Up: Your Last Chance To Get The Life You Want. I shared all the details on the six coins that contain this “quirk” I’ve discovered. And I even revealed the name of one of them for free…

The next catalyst is set to trigger around November 18… and time is running out. So click here to watch my presentation… and let me show you how a small portfolio of well-curated names could help you get the life you want.

Let the Game Come to You!


Teeka Tiwari
Editor, Palm Beach Daily