This Newsmax article by John Morgan reeks more than the fish sandwich I forgot in the back seat of the car.

Morgan’s point? Americans aren’t saving enough in their 401(k)s. Well, that’s true. And he complains that 401(k) management fees hinder growth. True again.

But then Morgan shares a “solution” supported by the National Institute on Retirement Security: change Social Security by “raising benefits for low-wage workers, eliminating the payroll tax cap and adjusting the benefit formula so it keeps up with living costs.”

This is code for “give the federal government more of your paycheck.”

Gosh, the US government has such a good investing track record. Why didn’t I think of that myself?

I say, milk your 401(k) for all the free money (read: tax-free growth and employer contributions) you can and opt for the lowest fee investments whenever possible. We’re big kids—we can handle it.