By David Forest, editor, Strategic Investor

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Dave Forest here. If you’ve been with us for a while, you know our best investment advice is built on a foundation of in-depth research – the kind you just can’t get sitting behind a desk.

That’s why I’m in an unmarked warehouse in Dublin, doing boots-on-the-ground research on leading edge critical metals…

…To find you the latest in all the inputs needed to power electric vehicles (EVs) and the coming boom in the EV buildout.

There’s a treasure of information here in Ireland, but I’m especially excited about the investment opportunities in the U.S., because it’s going to be one of the biggest buildouts.

I’ll also cover more on this… including the best way to profit from this remarkable trend… on Wednesday, March 2 during my EV Superboom Summit.

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Check out my video below for more on that, or scroll down to read the transcript.


Hey, it’s Dave Forest here.

I’m in an unmarked warehouse on the edge of Dublin. Now, what you see around me here is geologic core.

I’ve gotten special access today to come in and look at all these cores, because this is the future.

So I’m here in Ireland, in Dublin, visiting some friends who are working on the leading edge of the European Critical Minerals Program.

Now, a lot of those minerals relate to the things we’ve been talking about, about the EV revolution… so all the metals that are needed to power EVs and the coming boom in the EV buildout. So, things like copper that goes into the wiring, nickel for the batteries, cobalt, lithium, all these kinds of things.

Now, my friends who are working here are at the forefront of a massive government program in Europe and across Europe, to find all of the metals that are going to be needed to feed the EV revolution and all the gigafactories being built here.

So, we were able to get access to all of this.

All of this core here – you can see right here – these are all tiny little bits of rock. And now, this is a collection of information collected from all across Ireland, going back hundreds of years.

It’s literally a treasure trove of information. So, we’re spending the day here. We’re going through a lot of this core, looking for indications of copper.

I’ve actually just bought a copper mine in the country, and we’re going to be looking at redeveloping that as a potential source for EV metals. We’re going to be looking at these cores to see what they can tell us about what the potential is for that mine and how it might be expanded.

Anyway, I’m really excited. I wanted to give you a view of this to see all of the things that are happening around the world, not just in the U.S.

I’m especially excited about the investment opportunities in the U.S., because it’s going to be one of the biggest buildouts, but I’m going to do my research here. I’m going to get back to you on all my findings. I’ll be sending you some more videos this week.

And remember to join me Wednesday, March 2 at 8 p.m. ET for our EV Superboom Summit.

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David Forest
Editor, Strategic Investor