By David Forest, editor, Casey Daily Dispatch

David Forest

Profit. Plunge. Protection.

That’s the blueprint for every Super Spike Window. (I’ll have more on that below…)

And during each Super Spike, inflation and turmoil drive many or all hard assets higher.

Commodities become the go-to play.

Today, that’s exactly what’s happening.

We’re worried about surging prices, global instability, and vanishing wealth.

It seems strange. We haven’t seen these concerns in major markets for nearly 50 years.

But if we look back on those 50 years – to the late 1970s and early 1980s – we see something interesting…

History Repeats… And We Know How to Play It

Back then, investors were sweating over the exact same things.

Inflation ran wild in those times. Wars raged. It was a tough time to be in the markets…

Here’s something even more interesting: The ’70s weren’t the only time that this happened.

In the 1930s and ‘50s, the same concerns gripped the markets as well… Even back to the 1910s, inflation and turmoil were the biggest concerns for everyone in the stock market.

All these periods produced the same result…

Super Spikes.

My team and I pieced together data from all these “Super Spike Windows.” We looked at how a basket of investments performed during these times.

We discovered that the spikes in hard assets created incredible wealth.

Plus, all these Super Spike Windows had something in common. They came at the end of spectacular bull markets in mainstream stocks.

When the wider stock market blew off, a reliable pattern emerged.

Commodities spiked… investors rotated en masse out of blue-chip stocks… and got into hard assets.

Here’s an example with energy stocks. You can see how energy commodities like oil, gas, coal, and uranium enjoyed massive price surges.


The most important thing about Super Spikes: they come in clusters.

It’s a Super Spike Blueprint

It isn’t just one commodity that spikes. During Super Spike Windows, several hard assets surge higher.

It doesn’t all happen at once. We get a “rolling boom” when one hard asset spikes, then another. You can see in the example above how oil and uranium spiked, followed by natural gas.

History tells us there’s a blueprint to these Super Spikes. It comes in three phases…

  1. The first phase is what I call the “profit” phase. Commodities related to major tech and industrial trends get their day in the sun.

This happens because the wider stock market is still growing. Investor enthusiasm for big trends hasn’t waned yet. But with inflation and uncertainty emerging, investors move from mainstream stocks into the “hard tech” that underlies huge tech plays.

  1. Next comes the “plunge” phase. As inflation continues to rise, investors get more concerned. Energy prices surge during this phase – it’s a reliable phenomenon throughout the last century.

  2. This sets us up for the final phase: “protection.” Skyrocketing energy prices sink the wider stock market. Nearly every type of business tanks.

Precious metals companies do great during these final blowoffs. Investors flock to the safe havens of gold, silver, and platinum. These metals enjoy spectacular spikes in the final act of the Super Spike Window.

Since we know how it happens, we can play it right and profit from all of these phases. But we need to be nimble. You want to be in the right types of stocks at the right time.

Why We Are in the Profit Phase

So where are we now? A few weeks ago, we got a great data point. It shows we’re still in the opening acts of the “profit” phase of the current Super Spike Window.

It involved the biggest tech company of our time: Tesla.

Rumors had emerged that Tesla would partner with tiny hard tech firm Lithium Corp.

Lithium Corp. is a junior mining firm, working on lithium metal projects in Nevada.

Hints of a Tesla tie-up with Lithium Corp. caused an incredible spike. Shares of Lithium Corp. shot from 30 cents to as high as $1.09 in a matter of hours.

That’s a 264% increase.


The rumored Tesla deal turned out to be fake. But the fact investors were so excited shows we’re still firmly in the “profit” phase of the current Super Spike.

You Can Profit From the Super Spike

I expect we’ll see more of this in tech metals. The spikes will get crazier, the swings wilder. In past windows, we’ve seen tech metals spike hundreds of percent in a matter of months.

The stocks in these sectors often enjoy bigger gains. That’s my preferred way to play these spikes: Whether it’s profit, plunge, or protection, there are tiny companies set to surge when the time comes.

Don’t miss this opportunity. Inflation is eroding our wealth, and global instability threatens the wider markets. We’ve seen this all before – and people in the know made massive profits from it.

It’s easy for you to be in the know, too.

Next Wednesday, June 8 at 8 p.m. ET, I’m holding a special broadcast to fully uncover my Super Spike blueprint.

I’m calling it The Super Spike Summit.

During this event, I’ll take you through my research on past Super Spikes, the massive profits made, and how you can create even more wealth during the current one… all while shielding your portfolio from this rocky market… and the devasting effects of inflation.

This is so important… one of the most important things I’ve done in my career. So I’ve made sure it’s free for you to attend. Reserve your spot right here.

You’ve got nothing to lose… and everything to gain.

Keep walking the path,


David Forest
Editor, Casey Daily Dispatch