Rachel’s note: Thanks to our new Casey Daily Dispatch editor Kris Sayce, the “10 x 10” Approach to investing has been front-and-center this week at the Dispatch.

Kris showed us:

  • how the simple, three-step process works…

  • how a well-diversified portfolio will thrive under any market conditions…

  • how to choose your 10 columns…

  • how to decide your risk tolerance based on what type of investor you are…

And he shared two specific ideas for your columns.

The first was Dave Forest’s built-in leverage plays, and the other was Nick Giambruno’s bitcoin miners… both ideas have the potential for 1,000% gains…

Which is exactly what we’re looking for in the “10 x 10” Approach.

Today, Kris asks Dave and Nick a simple question to find out which investment idea they would stake their reputation on (and they’re both good categories to include in your 10 columns)…

By Kris Sayce, editor, Casey Daily Dispatch

This week, we’ve showcased the best of Casey Research.

The experts… the ideas… the analysis…

The results.

However, it’s one thing to look back, to show you what has happened…

And another to look forward. What are our experts excited about for the year ahead? And what kind of results do they expect?

Most importantly, how can you make sure you get access to it?

(Plus, we’ll detail what you can expect from the Dispatch in the days and weeks ahead, too.)

That’s a lot to cover… but we’ll go over every inch of it below. Read on…

Before we get to the action, let us welcome you to the Dispatch. This newsletter has two goals:

  1. To introduce you to the most important investing themes of the day, and

  2. To show you how to profit from them.

We do this by drawing on the ideas of our in-house investing experts: Dave Forest, Nick Giambruno, and the founder of our business, Doug Casey.

This week, we’ve introduced you to the “10 x 10” Approach. We’ve shown you a couple of the ideas that have worked well using that approach. Today, we’ll look ahead to more of the ideas our experts are following.

Just like the ideas we’ve shown you this week, these fit perfectly into the “10 x 10” Approach.

Without This, the Modern World Doesn’t Exist

To get some insight into what our experts are most excited about for the next year, we posed the following hypothetical question:

If you could only make one investment today to capitalize on a trend you believe will happen over the next 12 months, what would it be?

We know it’s not an entirely fair question. In fact, the whole idea of making one investment goes against the idea of the “10 x 10” Approach…

But the reason we asked this way was to find out what they’re most passionate about… which idea they would stake their reputations on.

So we put that question to Dave Forest and Nick Giambruno.

If you’re not familiar with Dave’s work, he’s an entrepreneur, investor, and geologist who has worked in mining and petroleum over a 20-year career.

He founded his own mineral exploration and development companies, raising over $80 million in equity financing. One of his biggest successes was the development of a 10-million-ounce gold deposit in Colombia.

According to Dave:

There’s a new global “arms race” exploding right now. Governments, industry, and investment groups are fighting for control of a single tech component.

It goes into the biggest applications in the world today: Tesla cars, 5G phones, even F-16 fighter jets. But the world is running out, as those new industries suck up every last bit of this scarce sector.

The Biden administration just pledged tens of millions to scour America for it. Japan’s government is even more desperate. They just poured millions into Namibia [in Africa].

Years ago – when no one cared at all about this stuff, a U.S. conglomerate quietly funded a tiny front company to lock up America’s best sources.

And as I write, a friend just sent me an investigative video released by The Wall Street Journal on this subject. The next 12 months are about to get very interesting.

Dave shared that video with us. It’s fascinating.

And in case you didn’t catch it… What he’s talking about is rare earths.

That makes it a tech story and a resources story rolled into one.

Without these little-known and less understood elements, all the technology you use each day wouldn’t be possible. It’s in everything, from smartphones to laptops, cars to satellites, and even defense systems.

And as the supply and demand story for these “tech fuels” plays out over the next 12 months, Dave says this will be one of the hottest investment plays of the year.

The Perfect Way to Opt Out of the “Growing Lunacy”

Similarly, Nick Giambruno is excited about the investment future. Nick follows the principle laid down by Baron Rothschild that the best time to invest is “when there’s blood in the streets.”

He writes about geopolitics, investing in crisis markets, the global cannabis market, international banking, and surviving a financial collapse. He also writes about what he says is the single best investment idea for the next 12 months.

He explained to us what it was and why:

I would choose Bitcoin.

It’s a hard money monetary system accessible to anyone and controlled by nobody. With the U.S. government adopting a universal basic income and modern monetary theory, they have gone beyond the monetary point of no return.

Bitcoin will be essential to anyone looking to preserve and grow their wealth amid this growing lunacy.

No one can accuse Nick of not telling it straight. And “growing lunacy” is exactly the right way to put it.

To be clear… Nick is specifically talking about bitcoin. If you’ve read Nick’s work, you’ll know that he’s not a fan of the thousands of other cryptocurrencies that people trade right now. This includes some big ones, like Ethereum.

Nick likes bitcoin because he views it as a viable alternative and complement to gold. And he believes that as governments and central banks devalue their currencies, people will have no choice but to find other ways to store their wealth.

In short, bitcoin, according to Nick, is the prime candidate to be that store of wealth.

This Is NOT an Academic Exercise

In summary, both make a strong case. Not just in their replies to our question, but in the research they publish every month.

And in the Dispatch, you’ll read about these ideas and more in the days and months ahead.

Most importantly, we’ll put all of this in the context of how you can invest for profit. After all, without the actionable investment advice, all these ideas are purely academic.

It’s one thing to talk about an idea or a trend. It’s another thing to find, research, and analyze the best way to profit from that idea or trend.

But that’s what our experts, folks like Nick and Dave, are here to do.

And we’ll do it all within the context of the “10 x 10” Approach to investing. It really is the ideal way to make the most out of the biggest trends in the world today.

Stay tuned for more ideas next week.



Kris Sayce
Editor, Casey Daily Dispatch