By Rachel Bodden, managing editor, Casey Research


That’s the gain Dave Forest’s elite Strategic Trader subscribers cashed out with on his latest win.

In less than two years.

That’s enough to turn a tiny $1,000 speculation into $50,470 – a life-changing return.

Check out this crazy chart:


And the best part is… Dave’s subscribers had not one… but two chances to buy into this pick for outrageous returns.

Now, you may be wondering what kind of pick this was… normal stocks rarely see this kind of action.

In fact, no stocks on any of the major exchanges saw a 1,000% return or more last year.

But this gain wasn’t from a normal stock.

Nor was it from something risky like cryptos or options.

It’s an under-the-radar security that few people know about…

But billionaires like Warren Buffett… Carl Icahn… George Soros… and David Einhorn have been feasting on it for decades.

Dave calls them Warren Buffett’s No. 1 Private Investment.

And he’s recently pulled back the curtain on these exclusive investments for everyday Americans to benefit from.

Warrants – Buffett’s No. 1 Private Investment

Few people have heard of warrants, let alone know how to play them (or even find them).

But I promise, investing in them is just as easy as buying or selling any old stock from your online brokerage account – if you’ve got the right code.

The crazy chart I showed you above? That was how innovative mattress firm Purple Innovation’s warrants performed.

You saw how well they did… and during the same time, its regular old stock saw 431% gains.

That’s nothing to scoff at. Just take a look:


But would you rather have 400% gains… or 4,900%?

For me, the answer is easy.

And the best part is, Dave’s subscribers got in on the Purple Innovation warrants for as little as 19 cents.

(The regular stock would have cost 29 times as much, at $5.75 per share.)

And Dave’s subscribers are now sitting on gains from other warrants like 1,454%… 340%… and 251%.

Just from plays in the same obscure – but easily accessible – area of the market.

You may be wondering how to find these warrant plays…

…How to invest in them…

…What warrants are…

…Or even why I’m telling you about them now.

But that’s because we’re entering a time when these life-changing gains are in everyone’s grasp.

And Dave Forest has you covered.

We’re Entering the Golden Age of Warrants

I like to think of warrants as a sort of penny stock play on a bigger company. And penny stocks are often great, explosive speculations.

And since they’re so cheap, they have limited downside – and a lot of potential upside.

See, publicly traded companies have their stock…

But sometimes, they run on hard times… need to raise capital quickly… or they want to go public… (and not through the difficult and expensive IPO route).

So, they go public by merging with a Special Purpose Acquisition Company, or SPAC for short.

And then, the company issues warrants, which sweetens the deal for investors.

Often, these warrants are offloaded by private investors to take some of their initial risk off the table.

But they are valuable…

Because warrants give the holder the right to buy a share of a company at a specified price during a specified timeframe – often for less than the current price of the stock.

And right now, more companies are going public through SPACs than ever before.

Which means more warrants… and many more chances to earn 2x, 5x, 10x… and even 49x or more returns.

How to Start on Your 49x Journey

Since 2018, Dave Forest and co-editor John Pangere have been bringing these warrant plays to a small, elite group of Strategic Trader subscribers.

They had to test out their proprietary strategy (which cost over $200,000 and took years to perfect).

But now, they’re ready to share it with the rest of the world.

Because Dave doesn’t think life-changing gains should be reserved for the billionaire, insider elite.

So he put together an urgent briefing cracking the warrants story wide open… telling people what warrants are… how billionaire investors have been keeping everyday Americans out of them for years…

And how he has first-hand experience issuing warrants from one of his own companies. So he knows how lucrative they can be.

Dave and I even put together the first of its kind, Five-Video Warrants Master Course to help you get into these life-changing picks with ease. Including step-by-step instructions on how to buy Dave’s No. 1 warrant play right now.

Look, 49x gains won’t make a billionaire measurably richer…

But that kind of return can change many people’s lives.

Imagine putting $1,000 into a warrant… and cashing out with more than $50,000.

You could put a down payment on a house… take your whole family for a trip when the world recovers from COVID-19… or send your grandkids to college.

In short… you have nothing to lose from checking out Dave’s briefing on Warren Buffett’s No. 1 Private Placement… and everything to gain.

Best always,


Rachel Bodden
Managing Editor, Casey Research