Editor’s note: Today, we’re sharing a piece from tech expert and Silicon Valley insider Jeff Brown. With the coronavirus pandemic bringing most industries to new lows, Jeff believes this temporary downturn is a great time to invest in breakthrough technologies. And one of the most lucrative trends on his radar is the rise of 5G networks.

5G is the next step in wireless communication. And according to Jeff, it will enable next-generation tech like self-driving cars and robotic surgery – and book windfall profits for those who get in early.

On April 8, at 8 p.m. ET, Jeff is hosting a summit where he’ll reveal the best 5G stocks to invest in today. Go here to learn how to register for this free event. Then, read how this life-changing technology will continue to grow despite the pandemic… and how you can position yourself to take advantage.

By Jeff Brown, editor, Exponential Tech Investor

Jeff Brown

I first noticed it in early January…

Reports were coming out of Wuhan, China, that a mystery disease with pneumonia-like symptoms was spreading throughout the city.

At first, only a handful of cases were reported. But it didn’t stay that way for long. The number of confirmed cases began to grow exponentially.

I knew then that this mystery virus – what we now know as the coronavirus, or COVID-19 – could be serious. I was right. As of this writing, there are more than 700,000 confirmed cases worldwide.

I clearly remembered the outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in Hong Kong back in 2003. Why? Because I was actually there.

I was living in Tokyo, working as a technology executive. At the time, I was doing a lot of business in Hong Kong. I was typically there once a month.

During a trip to Hong Kong in March of 2003, the airport, the Airport Express train, the taxi lines, and even the streets were desolate.

Arriving at my hotel, I found an empty lobby. The atrium area for afternoon tea, which is normally packed, held just a few people.

I realized then how serious SARS was. I stayed one night, without ever leaving the hotel, and returned to Tokyo the next morning. I’m glad I did. More than 700 people died from the SARS outbreak.

So, I know from personal experience the impact a pandemic like SARS or COVID-19 can have on an economy and financial markets.

I won’t sugarcoat it. For us, as investors, things may look pretty bleak right now. As of this writing, the S&P 500 is 24% off its high.

With that in mind, what I’m about to say to you next may come as a shock:

Now is the perfect time to be buying stocks.

An Unprecedented Opportunity

First, let me start by saying that things are absolutely going to get better. We’re already seeing the future when we look to China. The number of new cases is shrinking.

On March 19, China reported that no new cases had been identified. And a study published in the journal Nature Medicine found that the actual mortality rate in Wuhan was closer to 1.4%. Remember, much of the mainstream media was claiming that the mortality rate was closer to 3%.

In China, factories are coming back online. Apple reopened all its China-based stores. Business is getting back on track.

The same thing will happen in the U.S. and around the world.

And with the warmer temperature and higher humidity in the summer months, the virus is expected to become less transmissible.

The stock market will absolutely improve. By this time next year, I believe the panic around COVID-19 will be in the rearview mirror.

I know buying stocks after this volatility can be unnerving. We’ve only seen this level of fear-driven selling a handful of times in recent history. I’m talking about events like Black Monday, the Dot Com bust, and the 2008-2009 financial crisis.

But do you know what all those events had in common? They were all excellent times to deploy capital in quality investments.

This time will be no different. Too many good companies are trading too cheaply.

And there is one area that investors need to pay attention to. I’m talking about the 5G mega-trend that is playing out right now.

Nothing can stop 5G, not even the coronavirus. Here’s why…

5G Is Inevitable

You’ve likely heard of 5G. It’s the next generation of wireless technology. And 5G will be, on average, 100 times faster than the 4G networks we use today.

And 5G will also usher in a suite of new technologies like self-driving cars, holographic telepresence, and robotic surgery. All told, 5G is expected to create more than $12 trillion in wealth.

But here’s what few understand about 5G…

5G networks are not a “nice to have” technology. It is a piece of critical infrastructure on par with bridges, tunnels, and roads.

5G is coming. Nothing can stop it, not even COVID-19. And we’re already seeing this play out…

Earlier this month, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) completed the largest wireless spectrum auction in history. Combined, wireless operators spent over $7 billion acquiring high-band radio frequency spectrum for their 5G wireless networks.

This spectrum is used for transmitting and receiving voice, video, and data over wireless networks. The millimeter-wave spectrum that the FCC auctioned will be used to enable lightning-fast 5G speeds of more than 1 gigabit per second.

And the network providers are moving full speed ahead. They are spending billions of dollars to build America’s 5G infrastructure. The carriers are moving with more urgency than ever before. Countries that do not migrate to 5G wireless technology will be left at a competitive disadvantage.

And this may come as a surprise…

Demand for wireless bandwidth is higher than it has ever been.

Think about it. Instead of going out, many people are having FaceTime chats, streaming movies, playing games, and pursuing other means of online entertainment. All these activities require more bandwidth.

And 5G-enabled devices are not far behind.

Back in March, Foxconn – the company that will manufacture Apple’s 5G-enabled iPhone – announced that business is quickly getting back on track. The founder, Terry Gou, said that progress towards restoring operations have “exceeded our expectations and imagination.”

So, let me reiterate: 5G is unstoppable. No virus will change that.

Better yet, because of the recent market volatility, some of the best 5G companies are trading for a bargain.

Twelve months from now, when 5G stocks are soaring hundreds or even thousands of percent, most investors will be kicking themselves for not investing when they had the chance.

That’s why I’m hosting a free 5G investing summit on April 8, at 8 p.m. ET. I’m calling it “The State of 5G.”

I’ll tell you which 5G stocks you’ll want to buy for potentially life-changing returns.

So, be sure you tune in on April 8, at 8 p.m. ET. Reserve your spot right here.


Jeff Brown
Editor, Exponential Tech Investor