I’m on the ground at the No. 1 place for gold mining…

Some of the biggest gold deposits in the world are here. And many people think all of the discoveries have already been made.

The mining history here is so long and so rich, yet we’re still finding new things…

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David Forest
Editor, International Speculator


Be very quiet. I’m just kidding. There is nobody around here actually, but I am in a bit of stealth mode here, and I want to tell you a bit about where I am and what’s behind me here actually, which is quite interesting.

But first, let me explain a bit about the background on why I’m here. I’m in Nevada. I’m out in the wilderness, so just over the ridge in front of me is a gold company that is going to go public very soon on the Toronto Stock Exchange that I think is going to be one of the biggest gold stories of the coming year.

Now, I can’t tell you about it yet, because it hasn’t come out, but it’s one that I’m watching very closely as a potential investment in gold.

As I’ve told you before, Nevada is far and away the best place in the world for mining and especially for gold. Some of the biggest gold deposits in the world are here: Carlin, Cortez. And what’s here behind me is a legacy of that. So these workings, this is an old stone cabin and this is just out here in the middle of nowhere. I just found this, and I believe it’s related to mining workings that are here from, I think from the research that I’ve done it’s from the 1920s.

I’m going to take you over here, so you can see old cans that are left over. The old-timers would have been eating when they were out here mining. And I think that looks like a house that I was just standing in, and what I’m about to show you here is I think the remains of an old fireplace. Let me just turn it around here.

See behind me there? That’s an old chimney. There was probably a house that was attached to that and now 100 years later the house is gone, but the chimney is still there. So all of that seems old. What’s amazing is that a little further over that ridge near the company that I’m talking about is the Comstock mine, which is even older than that. That’s about 150 years old, dates to the mid-1850s.

The mining history in Nevada is so long and so rich, and yet we’re still finding new things. The company over here believes they’re onto a new discovery. I’m going to be meeting with management soon to get more details, but it looks like a really solid shot.

So for anyone who thinks everything’s been discovered in Nevada, we’re still finding new things. There’s all kinds of things happening. I’m going to see what I can find out. I’m going to take a walk down the path here. And to you too, I hope you’re walking the path. Keep going, keep enjoying yourself, and I’ll talk to you soon.

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