After a very busy October on the road (seven countries in 25 days), it feels great to be back in the heart of the junior resource sector at my desk in downtown Vancouver. As I look at my calendar, I'm reminded that it's now six months into the friendly bet I have with my friend Porter Stansberry regarding the spot price of oil on May 1, 2013. The wager: 100 ounces of silver to the winner.

Porter is smart, successful, and a fun guy to be around. If you ever have the chance to see him speak at a conference, I would strongly recommend you do, as not only will you be entertained but also enlightened by Porter's perspective. Doug Casey and I are always intrigued by what he has to say and have nothing but the utmost respect for him.

That being said: Porter may be smart – but I'm smarter.

The quick backstory on how the bet came about: Porter gave a great talk at the Casey conference in late April of 2012 and declared that the price of oil would be falling dramatically within the coming year. I disagreed with him. We settled this clash of egos in the most appropriate way we can think of – putting our silver where our mouths were.

So the terms of the bet were hashed out: If oil is at or below US$40.00/bbl on May 1, 2013, Porter will win 100 ounces of silver from me. Otherwise, the silver – and the last laugh – goes to me. I admire that about Porter – his ability to put his whole heart into what he believes, even though he is going to lose 100 ounces of silver because of it.

I am writing today to alert you to the latest from Porter Stansberry's office. I have not read nor seen any research as compelling, original, and mentally stimulating as Porter's marketing piece in a very long time. Though it was right in front of everybody's eyes, nobody had noticed until now the new economic force that Porter's perspective has sketched out in a simple and logical manner.

Porter is not just recognizing this new force within the market, but also positioning his readers to profit before the Wall Street swindlers catch on. I have asked Porter whether I can share his insight with my readers.

He replied, “Sure, for a hundred ounces of silver.” (Looks like even Porter knows he is going to lose!)

Joking aside, I salute Porter for both his originality and foresight into one of the most important, if not the most important, trend for investors in the coming decade. It is going to have serious ramifications for not just the energy sector, but for the entire market – and even your quality of life.

If you wish to learn more about this market trend and the looming black swan on the horizon, you should click on the link and listen to what Porter has to say. I am certain you will not be disappointed.

Additional Links and Reads

“Gazprom Is More Interested in Shale Oil than Gas” (RT)

Gazprom is beginning to look at shale oil rather than shale gas – as it knows that shale gas is still in its infancy in Europe and decades later in terms of infrastructure compared with North America. Besides, Russia has conventional natural gas… lots and lots of it. Russia does see the need to move, however, as North America can begin to get into the gas export game in the next few years.

Turkey Issues Warning Against Natural Gas Efforts with Cyprus (Forbes)

As we have mentioned previously in the Casey Daily Dispatch, Israel's natural-gas find in the Levant Basin could change allegiances in the world and the paradigm of the Middle East. Even Russia, which has loads of natural gas, is looking at the possibility of getting its foot in the door. The headline here further reminds us why politics and energy intersect is what is often a very convoluted story.

Rosneft to Get Bigger Slice of Venezuelan Oil (RT)

Rosneft is not looking to rest on its laurels after becoming the largest oil company in the world in terms of production; it may be increasing its share in the National Oil Consortium in Venezuela. This will further increase Rosneft's productions and reserves, as well as strengthen ties between Vladimir Putin's Rosneft and Venezuela.