Pat is not one to look for the limelight, but behind the scenes, he is one of the titans. The founder and managing director of PowerOne Capital Markets, for over a decade Pat has been the brains behind some +200 financings that have raised billions, mostly for emerging private and public companies with world-class natural resource projects.

Pat's list of successes is overwhelming, especially given his age. He was instrumental in getting Aurelian Resources up and running with a C$0.10 financing, enabling that team to delineate 13.7 million ounces of gold in Ecuador and earn a C$1.2 billion takeover by Kinross Gold (K.TO) in 2008. He earned gains of up to 250 times (25,000%) for the early investors.

He helped create and structure Continental Gold (CNL.TO), a story that hit the markets in April at C$2.50, went to over C$10.00 (a 400% gain), and currently is trading in the C$4.50 range.We invited Pat to the Casey Summit in May 2010, and he named Cline Mining (CMK.TO) as his top pick. At the time it was worth around C$1.50, but within a few months was pushing the C$5 mark.
Rather than slow down and enjoy the rewards of his efforts, if anything, Pat is picking up the pace. When he is involved in a deal, he can move markets, and the amount of money he can bring to the table is astonishing. What impresses us the most is Pat's ability to pick a subsector that will be the next big thing. Whether it be reigniting the Yukon gold rush or pushing a royalty company, Pat puts his money where his mouth is, and that gives us all the confidence we need in his deals.

When Marin was asked which office he most enjoys visiting, he answered without hesitation, “Pat DiCapo's.” Pat has built up the PowerOne office into one of the major market players. There is always an exciting deal Pat is working on, and investors in his deals are very loyal to him and his brand, as they know that the shareholders' best interest is always his top priority. Pat is also the largest investor in his deals, and some of the resource sector's biggest successes of the last decade involve him—another reason he has such a large institutional following.

Pat is a very diverse and sophisticated investor with an incredible track record. He has built very successful real estate income trusts (REITs) and most recently has become the financial backer of Jay Walker's Patent Properties (PPRO). Pat is not just brilliant, extremely hard working, and loyal, but more importantly has delivered superior returns to his investors that few can compete with, regardless of sector or age.

We follow all of the cash box companies (a cash box is a company whose enterprise value is less than the free cash in the bank) on the public exchange. Currently, one of Pat's deals, Ryan Gold (RYG.V), is trading at roughly cash value. It truly is a sign of a bear market in the junior resource sector when you can buy deals like Pat's at half cash and get the people and projects for free.