Casey Daily Dispatch

Doug Casey on Mowing Down Green Shoots

(Interviewed by Louis James, International Speculator) L: So, Doug, we’re sitting here in Vancouver, epicenter of many of our investments, thinking about the future. Meanwhile, the U.S. Treasury has announced some mind-boggling debt auctions for next week. Any comments? Doug: Yes, the size of this auction coming up, $235 billion, is really rather shocking – […]

Doug Casey on Judging Justices

(Interviewed by Louis James, International Speculator) L: Doug, you wrote in an email that you’ve been shaking your head over the latest antics of Supreme Court nomination and appointment. Care to tell us why? Doug: Well, the whole thing is a pointless circus. The whole uproar over the “wise Latina” remark is irrelevant, and all […]

Doug Casey on Nuts & Bolts: Handling Bullion

(Interview by Louis James, International Speculator) L: Doug, we get a lot of questions about how to handle significant amounts of bullion. So let’s talk about physical gold, and what to do with the stuff. First off, do you really think that people should put as much as one-third of their asset portfolios into physical […]

Doug Casey on the Echoes of War

Q: Doug, I hear you’ve been reading the obits recently – what’s on your mind? Doug: Yes, I couldn’t help but note the long and generally favorable obits on Robert “the Strange” McNamara, at age 93. The obituaries ranged from glowingly positive to, at worst that I read, neutral. I was shocked and disgusted by […]

Doug Casey on the Greater Depression

Q: Doug, you’ve been, as one subscriber recently dubbed you, “the town crier of America” for some time now, warning about what you call the Greater Depression. Do you really see that as being what’s ahead for America? You have seen the country seemingly headed for the precipice before, but it somehow missed going over […]

Doug Casey: “Deflation is actually a good thing”

Q: Doug, according to a recent article called “The Greater of Two Evils,” The Economist recently stated that inflation is preferable to deflation. What is your take on that? Doug: It was certainly one of the most ridiculous articles that I have read in recent years. It is disappointing that The Economist is employing the […]

Welcome to the Room – May 29, 2009

Welcome to “The Room” The May editions of The Casey Report, International Speculator, BIG GOLD, Casey Energy Opportunities and Without Borders are now available. May 29, 2009 Dear Reader, As I have done occasionally in the past, I’m going to rely on the kindness of others to help me with this week’s musings. That’s because, […]