Daily Dispatch

How to Buy a Giant Ore Deposit, Cheap

Shareholders of some junior companies have made huge profits as promising mega-projects have been transferred from larger companies to the juniors. What's behind those moves? And, can we expect to see more of them? We recently spoke with Lawrence Roulston, author of the investment newsletter Resource Opportunities, to find out.

Robert Dickinson & Ronald W. Thiessen’s Induction Interview

XL: Ron and Bob, thank you for agreeing to this interview-it's great to have Hunter-Dickinson join the Explorer's League.

BD: We're delighted to be included.

XL: Everyone knows a little about Bob and Bob, the two men who gave Hunter Dickinson its name, but not so many know about Ron. Bob Hunter is retired, Bob Dickinson is...

Update on Uranium

As many readers know, I've been a uranium bull for some time, recommending uranium companies as far back as a 16-page report in my October 1998 International Speculator, when the metal sold for just $9.50 per pound.